I’m Trish Causey, and I’m an ArtistActivist.

I’m writing this in the first-person because I like interacting with people. If you want third-person stuff, visit my PRESS KIT page. Also, check out the links in the navigation area at the top of this page to find what you’re looking for.

As an ArtistActivist, I have devoted my life to the arts, various activist issues, and being an agent for change and awakening.

I am a professional singer and award-winning composer currently working on my debut album. TRISH will be an EP of six original songs ranging from a couple big, symphonic-rock belters to a quiet voice/piano ballad, with a little jazz, blues, and pop in between. On the back-burner is Eireannach, a full-length album of Irish songs done in my unique style I call “global, deep-fried Irish”.

I am also a Broadway journalist, having interviewed Tony Award winners, Broadway stars, and the best coaches in the Musical Theatre industry on my radio show, for industry websites and trade magazines, as well as for my own MTMag.

I am an author, with a few book projects in the works, as each one requires a certain amount of research and collating data before the true writing can begin. Currently, I’m working on INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be, which is an extension of my intactivism — activism to end the non-consensual genital mutilation of minors.

I am also a proud feminist, sexual health advocate, rabid intactivist, and human rights/civil rights activist. For five years, I wrote on my blog, ArousedWoman Blog, which was my outlet for my feminism as well as my documentation of my journey of sexual healing. I have moved AW to this website, so that my activism is all under one roof, as it were.

My YouTube channel is full of my original content, such as my original music and vocal covers, my AskTrish video series, talking about social awareness issues on my activist/feminist playlist, and then whatever else my various passions inspire in the moment.

As a survivor of sexual abuse and a sex-positive Tantrika, I created AWESOM™, an online training course based on ancient Tantrik principles and modern knowledge of anatomy and sexual function. As a survivor of assaults and the PTSD that comes with it, I understand the importance of healing the self and the soul.

As someone recovering from binge-eating — that began as a means of dealing with stress and lingering sexual trauma PTSD, I have started being proactive in healing my body image and self-esteem with body positive posts on Instagram, some of which can be seen on my PHOTOS’ Study in Nudes, 2017 page.

Thank you for checking out my work and watching my YouTube videos. I greatly appreciate your time. And be sure to join my newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming performances and book/CD releases!