Welcome to TrishCausey.com!

This site is UNDER RE-MANIFESTATION, so please be understanding as I get all the links, bells, & whistles working again.

I am Trish Causey, best known for my Broadway/Musical Theatre writing & talk shows as well as my sexual health & relationships work as ArousedWoman.

For 2020, I am bringing all of my passions under 1 roof — arts, awakening, alchemy! It is all HERE.

I offer one-on-one sessions with clients, & I have programs, both self-study & group learning.

If you’re looking to help yourself in the most fundamental & most beautiful way, sign up for one of my courses that will transform your love life. (See below.) 🙂

Additionally, you can check out my original music, my writing, as well as my blog. And be sure to find me on social media — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter.