Singer. Musicals. Classical. Jazz. Irish. Indian. My Own Music.

Composer. Lyricist. Orchestrator. Engraver. Arranger.

Author. Writer. Librettist. Broadway Journalist.

Director. Producer. Publisher. Talk Show Host/Producer.

The SacredSex ShamanÂŽ

Divine Feminine Goddess. Orgasm Activator. Pleasure Priestess. Tantrika.

Intuitive. Gnostic Witch. Magikal Mystik. Wisdom Keeper.

Tantrik Fire Channel. ShadowHealer. Quantum Trauma Transmutor.

Twin Flame. Fire Bringer.

Transformation Activator & Conduit.

All this & more….

I AM on my highest timeline. Always. I AM here to work with high-level, high-impact leaders because that is exactly who IAM as well.

I’ve proven it in the past, & I’m laying the foundation for my future — which is gonna knock your socks off. 😘

Funny how plays, musicals, music, TV, & film all portray toxic relationships, addictions, abuse, trauma, war, & all kinds of atrocities committed by toxic, unhealed people, & that is okay in society.

And yet, women’s bodies are objectified, women’s nipples are illegal, women’s rights are nullified, & women’s sensuality sends the morality police to run for its fainting couches & clutch its pearls.

I consciously mirror the 3D world back to itself in my soul-mission-infused music, theatrical creations, & relationship work, while lighting the way forward toward the LOVE-based 7D “New Earth”.

I stand in my glorious power, my non-negotiable sovereignty, my ancient Divine Feminine, fiery, Tantrik sensuality, & my unique creative genius.


Activating the Divine Feminine in all who are ready to step up & embrace her as a force to be reckoned with.

Healing the Divine Masculine in all who are ready to leave the toxic pain of the past behind, while retaining sacred masculinity.

Bohemian Polymath

I am an open book.

I have nothing to hide & no one to impress.

I do not exist for anyone’s approval.

If you can’t handle the power of my femininity, that’s your problem, not mine.


I am The SacredSex ShamanÂŽ, & I help people heal & merge all aspects of their relationships — beginning with themselves.

I help clients awaken to mind-boggling orgasmic pleasure, heal their shit once & for all, & call in ALLLLLLL the juicy O’s that life & their body can offer.

I blend my blunt, no-nonsense approach with anatomy & physiology, Tantrik concepts, hypnotherapy, quantum energy healing, past-life regression, shamanic journeying, trauma therapy, & more.

No more bad sex! No more unhealthy relationships!

No more self-sabotage.

And let’s heal that trauma already. It’s time.

I use my TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Orgasm Codes, my TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK ReiKi, sex anatomy & physiology, Tantrik concepts, NLP, EFT/TFT, hypnotherapy, quantum energy healing, past-life regression, shamanic journeying, trauma therapy, & more.

Pleasure is your birthright. Schedule a session to work with me & start living your most amazing orgasmic life!


I am a frequent guest speaker on podcasts, & video/talk shows, as well as at workshops & events.

I speak on several issues concerning SacredSex, sexual health, healthy relationships, calling out the sexual violence in “entertainment”, & foreskin education to end circumcision.

See my GUEST SPEAKER page for more information on how to book me for your show or event.

New gigs are confirmed regularly. Please follow my blog &/or join my mailing list to stay up-to-date on my appearances!

See my official bio plus my spiffy Music & Writing Bio in my PRESS KIT. More about my original MUSIC & my creative & freelance WRITING. I am available for music commissions & events’ travel. Message me via the CONTACT page.

As for the sex part, keep reading about my work & soul mission as a SacredSex Shaman — or read through my blog posts going back to 2012….


My program, “AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound OrgasmMeditation” helps clients awaken to cosmic-level orgasmic bliss.

AWESOM – BASIC is a self-paced course of video modules & support materials to help you skyrocket your orgasmic experiences to infinite heights & deeply profound experiences you’ll never have with porn or vibrators. Yes, I said it!

My modality “TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK: Love, Sex, & Money Alchemy” helps clients connect these dots within the quantum energetic field of awakening, mastery, & abundance on all levels.

I teach my clients to navigate the path of least resistance to manifest the life, relationships, & money of their dreams while working through the trials & traumas of this lifetime & past lives.

I don’t hold your hand, but I do hold space for you in my sacred circle, a vortex of transformation within my cauldron of rebirth.

More of MY WORK….

I bring in-depth information & mystery school sex ritual knowledge to my “SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course”.

Called by one participant as the best information on the foreskin he has ever seen in print or media, this 2-part video series should answer a LOT of your questions about what to do with a man’s foreskin!

If you’re looking to help yourself in the most fundamental & most beautiful way, sign up for one of my courses that will transform your love life, or join me for some TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK!

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