Splitting her time between Broadway journalism and activist issues, most of my writing in the past few years has been for Musical Theatre Magazine or ArousedWomanBlog.com. Work-for-Hire freelance writing includes About.com, Stage Directions Magazine, BroadwaySpace.com, and TheatreFace.com. Scroll down to see samples of work-for-hire articles, and see my press kit bio for more information of writing experience.

In 2016, I was asked to contribute an essay on embracing her sexuality to be included in August McLaughlin’s book Embraceable, which is being re-released under a new title. Stay tuned!

I have two books set for publication in the next six months: INTACT and MADE FOR SEX.

My ArousedWoman(TM) Blog is an incredibly popular blog that deals with the issues of sexual awakening as well as sexual trauma and healing from PTSD. AWBlog has now moved — all 400+ posts! — TrishCausey.com/blog. Most of the content is NSFW (Not Safe for Work, in most instances) and is for those who are 21+.

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