WILD WOMAN JOURNEY: A Re-Wilding & Shamanic Journey Back to Wholeness

Join me for a cross-country trip of adventure & rewilding!

As a “woman who runs with the wolves”, I deeply love & honor my wild side — the primal, sensual, fiery, pagan, witchy Divine Feminine whose edges may have been slightly smoothed but never chiseled away by a cold, austere upbringing in private schools, the fine arts, & delicate Southern etiquette.


Fuck all that!

My Wild Woman is coming out to play!


I had planned a trip around the United States to begin in June, but the Universe told me to stay put, for my own good. I did, & the Universe was correct. Wildfires & record droughts plagued most of the places I wanted to go: Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, & elsewhere.

For over 2 months, I’ve been home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, waiting for the sign from the Universe that it’s time to travel. A few days ago, I clearly heard, clairaudiently, “Move forward.” Where?? How? I wanted another sign. Yesterday, that sign appeared. And when it did, the obstacles blocking my path dissolved. (I’ll talk more about all this later!)

I am planning on going to Nashville, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Shasta, the Redwoods, the Pacific Northwest, Glacier National Park, the Rockies, Asheville, & beyond!

I was a single mom. I remember feeling restricted from not being able to go anywhere because my daughter had to get to school every day. I remember feeling guilty if I ever did anything for myself. I also remember having to hide my passionate, sensual wild-woman side so no one doubted my ability to be a good mother. (Because the Madonna/Whore Complex duality is still running in the 3D.)

Fuck all that!!!

I am allowing myself to be immersed in my unpredictable Wild Feminine, my deeply sensual Wild Priestess, my super juicy Wild Lover, my erotic Tantrik Wild Goddess, my forest-earthing Wild Witch, my freedom-lovin’ Wild Hippie, my adventurous traveler Wild Gypsy Self!

Look out world!

I have cleared my schedule, & I am ready to move forward. And I would love for you to participate in this journey with me, to help me, & I’ll help you!

I am completely starting over. I am starting at ZERO. I’ve packed up my car, my dog, & I’m getting on the road.

Kinda like the old days of going into the wilderness or climbing a mountain to find yourself…. Except I’m driving & bringing my nosy, bacon-hungry husky with me.

To fund my travels, I am still accepting clients. But I am also accepting donations, or donations in exchange for work, such as card readings, sex/relationship advice, Karuna Reiki, shamanic work, sound healing, etc. I will hold ceremony occasionally & can offer your intentions during ceremony, also.

I have a super special offer of creating a custom meditation track from a specific site, such as a vortex in Sedona, or the base of Mt. Shasta, with the nature sounds of that area recorded, too. I can also sing sound healing tones & intentions as well. The creative opportunities are endless!

I will have t-shirts designed soon. Stay tuned!


To participate with me & join me on my Wild Woman Journey, to help me pay for gasoline, food for myself & my doggie, & maybe a motel room here & there, I greatly appreciate & graciously accept your donations & energy exchanges.


Any amount — THANK YOU!

Suggested energy exchanges:

55-minute custom meditation track on a topic you choose with nature sounds & energy of specific location: $111

Join my Facebook group & subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along!

THANK YOU, WILD WOMEN (& men!) for supporting my journey. As I heal, I grow & learn even more so I can step further into soul mission to help the world heal.

Only LOVE is real.



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