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Stripping Back the Bullshit of Religion & Culture on

Love • Lust • Passion • Eros (Sex) • Pleasure • Bliss.

LIVE Masterclass with REPLAY

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The 6 topics we will cover are some of the most confusing & contested experiences affecting people.

Clients come to me for 1:1 sessions to help them in each of these areas.

So this masterclass is a LIVE, group class to help you get a jump-start on addressing any of these issues you my have.

And if you need more help, you can always schedule a 1:1 with me afterward.


The seemingly unattainable secret sauce to romance-novel relationships with a faery-tale ending. Let’s set the record straight so you can groove in the flow of true Love!


The misunderstood natural yearning religion cast in the role of “deadly mortal sin”.


Your calling, your vocation, your destiny, & yet, your suffering – all rolled up into one.


Stupid social media won’t even allow me to use the word “sex” or “sexuality”…. Good sex, bad sex, painful sex, boring sex. Definitely something we need to unfuck.


You know this is one of your birthrights, yes? So how often do you experience true pleasure?


A state of beingness that few have managed to tap into. We’ll get you moving on the Bliss Train with this class.


  • UNFUCK your perspective & experiences with each topic.
  • EXPLORE what each of these topics actually means — discarding the bullshit of religion & culture.
  • SEE how you have been misled in order to purposely keep you from living your life with all of these experiences in full-swing.
  • DISCOVER the truth about all of these personal & interpersonal relationship experiences.
  • ADDRESS any needed healing for your nervous system or your ancestral line.
  • LEARN actionable healthy approaches to each of the 6 topics so you can move forward from a better mental & emotional space.
  • REDEFINE each topic area for what it can mean for you.
  • EMBARK upon a Shamanic Journey to retrieve your birthrights.
  • RECEIVE a quantum energy healing to assist your integration of these concepts.
  • JOIN in the 2-hour LIVE Masterclass.
  • ASK questions during Q&A with Trish LIVE.
  • UPDATE me on how you’re doing after you’ve had a chance to integrate some of the recommended changes in your life.
  • ENJOY a discount on my other programs & offerings.
  • WATCH the REPLAY if you can’t attend LIVE.


Unfucked & Redefined ~ August 6, 2022 @ 8 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S.).

LIVE class with Q&A & REPLAY afterward.

Can’t make it Live? Send me your questions beforehand, & I’ll check in with you after you’ve watched the Replay.



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See you in class!