Unfuck Your Love Life

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For May 2023, Trish Causey Brings Back her Unfuck Series with a special focus on Sex & Relationships!


with Trish Causey

In May 2023, Trish Causey is teaching Sex & Relationships’ masterclasses on Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. Since participants will be spread around the globe, the meeting times will be determined by consensus of those in attendance.

Each class will be LIVE with a recording available afterward. You will have at least 1 year of access.

If you can’t make the live class, send your questions to Trish ahead of time, & she will ensure your question is answered. Remember, “time” is a 3D construct — there is no time in the quantum, so all healings are just as potent whenever you are able to watch the replay.

Each group will have its own energy & personality based on those who are drawn to participate. Each class is a cauldron of magikal goodness infused with the highest vibration of Love & Service at its core.

Classes are just $111 each OR get the Bundle of 8 Classes PLUS a BONUS Class (that’s 9 classes!) for just $888.

With infinite Love & Gratitude, you are invited to boldly jump into this powerful field of transformation that Trish has envisioned for these juicy masterclasses!

Each class will have its own page here on TrishCausey.com ~ so, NO, this won’t be on Facebook.

On the page for each class, a Comment/ Forum section will be available for participants to discuss topics during & after the LIVE class.

Check out the juicy topics for your deeply satisfying & healing pleasure!

The Sex & Money Trauma Bond ~ Sacral Shenanigans You Need to Heal Now

May 10, 2023 ~ If you aren’t in the relationship you want, don’t have the money you want, or your creativity & success have stalled, this class is for you! We will look at how experiences (& traumas) from this lifetime & “past” lives are still attached to you physically & energetically. We will do clearings, healing, upgrades, & activations to recharge your sexuality & creativity center.

Your Vagina Called. She Wants Hands-On Pleasure Back!

May 11, 2023 ~ With a multi-bazillion dollar industry on sex toys (& ridiculous Cosmo sex quizzes convincing women they’re missing something), perhaps you haven’t actually gotten in touch with your female parts in a while. And by “touch”, we do mean getting your hands on your juicy bits! In this class, Trish will cover female sexual anatomy, erogenous zones, touch techniques, & life changes, with a brief foray into breast massage.

SuperPenis ~ Men’s Sexual & Emotional Health

May 12, 2023 ~ Every man wants to be SuperMan in bed (in the shower, on the dining table), but not enough men know how to bridge their sexual desires with their emotional center — which is what makes a man thoroughly irresistible! Life changes, age, & medical issues can affect male sexual function, while certain experiences & societal messaging convince men not to trust their heart. In this class, we cover anatomy, function, issues that lead to problems, relationship tips, & empowerment for men to trust their heart & manifest the best emotionally-connected sexual pleasure possible.

The Heart-Genitals’ Connection ~ The Unexpected Tantrik Hook-Up Inside Your Energy Field

May 17, 2023 ~ The Heart-Genitals’ Connection is a Tantrik specialty that really unwinds a lot of the Western bullshit about the Battle of the Sexes. In this class, we will cover the Heart-Genitals’ Connection, what that means for each cakra, how to clear & heal each connection, how to cultivate these inner & our connections in a healthy manner that improves your life as well as your relationship. We will do a guided meditation & deep breathing, so please dress comfortably.

Lovers & Losers ~ Healing Your Relationships & Your Regrets

May 18, 2023 ~ Every single one of us has been there. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones no amount of rocky road triple fudge ice cream will erase from our memory cells. All of our relationships — even the familial & platonic ones — affect how we live our life & interact with other people. Our past intimate relationships, heartbreaks, & traumas seem to ruin us & keep the “right one” just out of reach, while confusion, resentment, & hurt fester beneath the surface. Well, let’s rip the band-aid off, shall we? In this class, we will cover relationship traps, how trauma affects us years later, nutritional deficiencies’ effect on our perspective, attachments, patterns, healthy relationship tools, & more. We will do a past-life regression with shamanic journeying as well as quantum energy healing. Please dress comfortably & make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Ancient Archetypes & Contracts That Are (Still) Screwing You Up

May 19, 2023 ~ The Warrior, the Saviour, the Priestess, the Witch, the Magician, the Prostitute, the Victim — so many archetypal roles, so little closet space for all the costumes…. Le sigh…. The lives you have led here on Earth & multidimensionally greatly affect the current life you are living now. Why do you experience looping patterns? Why do certain things not work out? What is holding you back from having everything you want? In this class, we will deep-dive into archetypes, soul mission, contracts, reversals, infiltrations, & more. If you’re new to “the woo”, brace yourself for a very wide-eyed awakening to quantum mojo.

Divine Feminine Revolution ~ Freeing the Source of Creation

May 24, 2023 ~ Ever wonder why patriarchy has repeatedly tried to oppress women? Because we are fucking powerful! No, really — we really are incredibly powerful beings. The Feminine energy that lives at the base of the tailbone (in all of us!) is our individual power-source to create the experiences we want & live life with enthusiastic passion. This Feminine energy is uniquely utilized in those with a female body — but males with a core Feminine energy also have an edge. In this class, we will discover the root of power in the physical universe, clear Wounded Feminine debris in your energy system, re-wild the Feminine spirit within you, & anchor you into your magnetic power center.

Divine Masculinity ~ How Men Are Breaking Patriarchy & What Women Can Do to Help

May 25, 2023 ~ No one likes a Toxic Masculine. And the controllers of the Earth experience of the past 12,000 years have gone out of their way to setup various matrices to harbor & propagate thousands of generations of men who were disconnected from their true Sacred Masculine self. Raising the consciousness of Gaia has allowed the Divine Masculine energies to come back in & bolster men to dismantle patriarchy from the inside. With zero man-blaming allowed, this class will give men the tools they need to see the patterns they’ve lived under, the conditioning that does not serve them, & the healing to clear the old & make way for the higher consciousness of the Divine Masculine to take the lead in your life…. Oh, & ladies, you’ll learn how you can help the men you love (father, partner, son) stay grounded in their newfound Sacred, Divine self.

SexMagik 101 ~ Manifesting Your Goals with Your O’s

May 26, 2023 ~ BONUS CLASS! Trish’s super popular class, “SexMagik 101” is back for 2023! A hit in 2020 & 2021, SexMagik 101 is the best no-bull class on how to manifest with your sexual energy in the 21st century. And forget what you’ve been taught in other sex magi(c)k manuals. Raising the Earth’s frequency from 3D muggle-land up to 5D New Earth means magik is a whole new ballgame! (But you can still hop on one leg 9 times while chanting incantations if you want to.) From setting up the space & how to write your ritual, to how to raise sexual energy & use various sexy juices in various ways, SexMagik 101 brings New Earth alchemy to old-school magik. ***NOTE: This is a BONUS class & can only be purchased with the Bundle option. Also, this class is ONLY for positive, consensual magik that respects sovereignty. No, we can’t make Frank fall in love with you. Duh. ***


Classes à la carte: $111 each. You receive entry into the Masterclass of your choice(s) + 1 BONUS Discount listed below.

Or get the Bundle! 8 Classes for $888 PLUS “SexMagik 101” BONUS Class (so, that’s actually 9 classes!) + ALL of the BONUS Discounts listed below.

Couples’ Bundle: $1,444. You both receive access to all 9 LIVE classes + ALL of the BONUS Discounts listed below.


Take any of the classes & get 1 BONUS of your choice. Get a Bundle, & get ALL the BONUSES!

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10% off FEMININE FIRE, group mastermind ~ May – June 2023 (Reg. $2,222)

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10% off COFFEE, men’s health conference ~ July 2023 (Reg. $144)


PayPal is preferred, but CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, & Google Pay are also accepted. ALL SALES FINAL. No Refunds, No Exceptions.

UnFu*k Your Love Life ~ MAY 2023

LIVE S*x & Relationships’ Masterclasses for May 2023. Per Class: $111. Bundle of 9 Masterclasses: $888. See below for Bundle Info! ALL SALES FINAL. No Refunds or Exchanges. No Exceptions.


UnFu*k Your Love Life BUNDLE ~ All 8 Masterclasses + BONUS Class

S*xual Health & Relationships’ Masterclasses taught LIVE in May 2023. You get all 8 of the Masterclasses PLUS the BONUS Masterclass on Trish’s popular class “S*xMagik 101”! You’ll also get discounts on Trish’s courses AWESOM, FeminineFire (June 2023), & PleasurePower (June-August 2023), & COFFEE (July 2023). ALL SALES FINAL. No Refunds or Exchanges. No Exceptions.


UnFu*k Your Love Life COUPLE’S BUNDLE ~ All 8 Masterclasses + BONUS Class

Couples’ Bundle: $1,444. You both receive access to all 9 LIVE classes + ALL of the BONUS Discounts. ALL SALES FINAL. No Refunds or Exchanges. No Exceptions.


See you in class!