By now, you may have noticed my blog posts on Twin Flames, or my YouTube videos about Twin Flames, or my Instagram posts about Twin Flames (along with tarot readings).

You may be disappointed that I’ve taken a slight detour from documenting my sexual awakening or my pro-foreskin intactivist posts. Not to worry! I am still having great orgasms, and I’m still extremely vocal about men needing to have their foreskin. However, like everything else about my Libran, polymath existence, I am going where life (and the Universe) leads me, which tends to include multi-tasking big life stuff simultaneously.

A Twin Flame is a person who shares a soul with another person: essentially, one soul incarnated into two bodies. The purpose is to work our way through various karmic situations and traumas to bring us back together — into Twin Flame union. Twin Flames are never really separated, as we are still one in our soul (the 5D and above); and we have a soul contract to work together on our “soul mission” of anchoring unconditional love into the physical plane.

Got that?

I’m not here to prove anything to you, so don’t ask me for “proof” of this. I can only tell you what I know from basic Twin Flame Theory, how Twin Flame Theory is changing as more Twin Flames awaken to the path, and what I am experiencing personally. My personal experiences comprise my blog posts and videos on the Twin Flames subject.

I had created a Twin Flame board on my Pinterest back in 2014 or 2015, but frankly, I wasn’t really sure what a Twin Flame was or how it differentiated from a Soulmate. I didn’t really understand … until the Universe made it known to me that I was a Twin Flame and that the guy I had a crush on was actually my Twin Flame — that he was the man who had come to me in a dream when I was 19.

Since then, being a Twin Flame has become one of the foremost aspects of my life right now. That is why you will continue to see posts about it. As my understanding of my Twin Flame path and my soul mission evolves, I will keep posting here on my blog. More people are waking up, so I won’t concern myself with the naysayers and doubters.

Below, you will find the posts and videos about my journey. Some include my physical experiences as well as my dreams, which are an important part of the awakening and ascension process.

Here are quick links to the Twin Flame category and my YouTube playlist.

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