TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK: Love, Sex, & Money Alchemy Premium Coaching

A 1:1 sacred vortex of explosive transformation led by my unique gift of lighting a fire under your ass & catapulting you onto the path of creating your dream life — in love, sex, AND abundance. 💃🌋💰

🧡 TANTRIK – instrument of expansion.

🧡 FIRE – the element of creativity & transmutation.

🧡 MAGIK – YOU are the creator of your universe.

It is time you claimed your BIRTHRIGHT to love, happiness, success, joy, pleasure, wholeness, balance, & abundance ON. ALL. LEVELS.


My modality “TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK: Love, Sex, & Money Alchemy” can help you connect the dots of awakening, mastery, & abundance of all the good things on all levels.

I will teach you to navigate the path of least resistance to manifest the life & relationships of your dreams, while working through the trials & traumas of this lifetime & past lives.

I will hold space for you in my sacred circle, a vortex of transformation within my cauldron of rebirth.

You will experience pivotal breakthroughs, as I cater our sessions to your needs. I will utilize all of my talents as The SacredSex Shaman®️, Tantrika, intuitive, mystery school gnostic, quantum explorer, ShadowHealer, spiritual wealth consultant, transformational guide, & relationship-sexpert.

You will benefit as I blend a variety of techniques into my work: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT/TFT (Tapping), Past-Life Regression, Shamanic Journeying, Quantum Energy Healing, Tantra, Sexual Anatomy & Physiology, Sexual Trauma Healing, Neurophysiology of Trauma, Couples Therapy, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, & more.

You are here because you are ready.

Buckle up, Buttercup.

🙋‍♀️ In my TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK coaching vortex, you will:

⭐ Connect the orgasmic dots between love, intimacy, & money,

⭐ Get crystal-clear about what you want in your relationship, life, & career,

⭐ Flesh out an actionable plan for heart-based, soul-aligned goals,

⭐ Reprogram your belief system(s) around sex & self-worth,

⭐ Heal sexual trauma once & for all (*IF* you’re really ready to let go of the trauma narrative),

⭐ Heal subconscious programming around wounded feminine & internalized patriarchal attitudes,

⭐ Get a grip on karma & STOP generational abuse & addictions FOR GOOD,

⭐ Release shame & powerlessness within the hidden Prostitute Archetype (& Madonna/Whore dualism),

⭐ Clear blocks to allow abundance to actually come into your life,

⭐ Release all the shit society, family, & assholes dumped on you,

⭐ Revel in the divine downloads from writing prompts that get your juices flowing,

⭐ Learn how to manifest using your sexy Sakti energy,

⭐ Ditch the doormat, pleaser, & self-sabotage habits for good,

⭐ Harness your innate manifestation gifts as a magikal creator being,

⭐ Give yourself permission to own your fucking POWER!


🔥 TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Premium Coaching

You will receive:

  • A unique, bespoke journey especially for you & your desired goals.
  • 1:1 sessions with me to deep-dive into your transformation.
  • Unlimited support via a private messenger app.
  • TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Orgasm Light Codes to anchor your new path of pleasure & joy.
  • TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Reiki to facilitate quantum healing with the purest life-force energy source.

INDIVIDUALS: 4, 60-minute sessions per month — $5,555 USD/month, or 3 months paid in full: $15,000.

COUPLES: 5, 60-minute sessions per month — $9,999/month, or 3 months paid in full: $28,000.

PAYMENT: Zelle preferred — ask for email. Other options: PayPal.me/TrishCauseyOfficial.

🔥 TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Platinum Coaching — also available for those wanting to make a year-long commitment (with extra goodies!). Please inquire.

🔥 TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Luxury Retreat — A deep-dive weekend immersion that will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE & BEYOND also available. Please inquire. ⭐


👏 Take this leap of faith into yourSELF!

This is a leap of trust into your own ability to heal & move beyond all the crap you’ve experienced in this lifetime AND past lives. You will learn how to intend, create, & actually manifest whatever you want!

👉 The most PASSIONATE lover,

👉 The most FULFILLING relationships,

👉 The most SUCCESSFUL adventures,


🥰 You will NOT be the same person after working with me. That I can guarantee. 💅😁