Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. After mastering the clitoral orgasm years ago, I figured out the vaginal/she-spot (G-spot) orgasm about 15 years ago. Then came combining both clitoral and vaginal orgasms to achieve the “blended” orgasm of clitoral explosion rocked by full-body waves. Along the way, I achieved every kind of orgasm imaginable (and some […]

A reader of my blog in England has written in with a great question about how to stop his addiction to porn and how to stop ejaculating. He also has a keen interest in Tantra and wants to know how to grow his experience in a sensual, loving way and ditch porn for good. Here’s […]

I woke up this morning and saw a friend’s post in my Facebook feed, talking about the pain her son was in after his circumcision. I had given her so much information on the myths and lies of circumcision, but apparently, it didn’t do any good. I failed as an activist, and I feel so […]

The alarm went off. I woke up. Sort of. I snoozed the alarm and stretched. I felt warm liquid at the opening of my vagina, but it was held in by my inner labia. I had been on my period for a few days, so this should be the day it takes off. My usual […]

There’s an old joke in the performing arts: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Answer: “Practice, practice, practice.” Today, I read a great post by the awesome sexual health writer August McLaughlin in which she responded to a HuffPo piece about why couples need to schedule sex — with one of the reasons being […]