Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. For the better part of two years, I’ve been coasting along, not really doing a practice to encourage a new level of ecstasy, especially since December 2015. My daughter finished high school, and with zero privacy at home during the day or night, I had to put my practice on […]

Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no more is that sentiment apropos than when it comes to being sexual and sensual. With media trying to convince us to look this way or wear that size clothing for others’ outward approval, culture maintains a centuries’-old negative stigma about […]

Last night on Pornhub (which is how I’m starting every conversation from now on), I was trying to find videos that showed women of average size enjoying sex — and by sex, I do not mean the horrid gang-bang. To find women of average size, you have to look for them. And look hard. The […]

Today was the second day in a row that I did my practice. I did it once last week, and the results were noticeable from the immediate after-play as well as the 4 a.m. session later that night … and the next night. My body has not forgotten. Of course, I knew this. I can […]

The alarm went off. I woke up. Sort of. I snoozed the alarm and stretched. I felt warm liquid at the opening of my vagina, but it was held in by my inner labia. I had been on my period for a few days, so this should be the day it takes off. My usual […]