In this AskTrish video, I answer a question posted on my ArousedWoman Facebook page by a man who asked, “Is there a difference between being bold compared to being confident when approaching a woman?” I try to cover all the bases in my video response, PLUS when confidence and boldness go too far. Enjoy! trish […]

Wow! Has it really been 300 blog posts — already?! I still can’t believe I just passed 3 years of doing ArousedWoman. And to think I’ve now written 300 articles, posts, reviews, and rants about women’s sexuality and activism is just amazing. That’s 300 posts over 3 years, which equals 100 per year, or about […]

Topic of the Day: From Online to Real World Thursday afternoon, I received a message over Facebook from a FB friend; it was an invitation to meet in person, as we had only known each other through the social media site. Now, normally, I don’t do this sort of thing, but I knew from corresponding […]

Topic of the Day: Staying Silent Last Wednesday, I met with friends at a local cabaret club. As we caught up and laughed over theatre and life experiences, one friend recounted the tale of when she found a bee in her salad while on a group date at a restaurant. It was Homecoming several years […]

There’s an old joke in the performing arts: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Answer: “Practice, practice, practice.” Today, I read a great post by the awesome sexual health writer August McLaughlin in which she responded to a HuffPo piece about why couples need to schedule sex — with one of the reasons being […]