In this AskTrish video, I answer a question posted on my ArousedWoman Facebook page by a man who asked, “Is there a difference between being bold compared to being confident when approaching a woman?” I try to cover all the bases in my video response, PLUS when confidence and boldness go too far. Enjoy! trish […]

Thought O’ the Day, 08-28-14: On Facebook this morning, I made this post about my schedule for today: Today: fill out financial aid paperwork for going back to school next month, work on magazine which will be out next week, practice song for possible theatre audition this weekend, have lunch with bohemian artists, clean out […]

There’s an old joke in the performing arts: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Answer: “Practice, practice, practice.” Today, I read a great post by the awesome sexual health writer August McLaughlin in which she responded to a HuffPo piece about why couples need to schedule sex — with one of the reasons being […]

Why are peace, love, and joy so difficult to find for some people? I can find it within myself and be perfectly happy.  But then people think I’m out of touch with the world.  Well, who wants to be in touch with a violent, unhappy, greed-funded, misogynist world? Jimi Hendrix said, “When the power of […] has been named a Top 5 blog for sexuality & relationship advice! Without knowing about this,, ranked ArousedWoman Blog at the top of a short list of blogs that deal with sensuality and eros.  Best of all, they actually get what AW is all about. From their site: Our 5 Best Sensual Blog […]