PLEASE DONATE ON THE GOFUNDME PAGE TO GET THE “INTACT” BOOK PUBLISHED! Thank you! Foreskin  –  Turtleneck  –  Anteater – Dick Hoodie. The male foreskin is an absolutely normal part of the male body, which is why boys are born with it. Providing 16 functions for health and sexual pleasure, men need their foreskin. So […]

  This survey is for intact, uncut men who would like the opportunity to have their comments used in the upcoming book INTACT: As Men Were Born to Be, by Trish Causey. The book will be a 12” x 12” glossy photo book that will include exclusive interviews with intact men, factual information on the […]

I woke up this morning and saw a friend’s post in my Facebook feed, talking about the pain her son was in after his circumcision. I had given her so much information on the myths and lies of circumcision, but apparently, it didn’t do any good. I failed as an activist, and I feel so […]

If you’ve ever read my AskTrish series on my blog, then you only have a small sampling of the varied kinds of questions I get from my readers. Tonight, I’ll focus on questions regarding the penis and male sexual anatomy, since several men have written in with questions and concerns about their favorite body part… […]