Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. For the better part of two years, I’ve been coasting along, not really doing a practice to encourage a new level of ecstasy, especially since December 2015. My daughter finished high school, and with zero privacy at home during the day or night, I had to put my practice on […]

Topic o’ the Day: The Fluid, Cyclical Nature of Time When my daughter is out of school, I lose track of time. I’m awake, working at night, and nap during the day, getting a couple hours of sleep in between bouts of work on social media and correspondence. Days run into each other. When I […]

Tantra is all about expansion, and this includes expanding our perception of pleasure. For my YouTube video today, I talk about the various ways to experience pleasure to improve your happiness and overall enjoyment of life. And yes, this goes beyond sex. Pleasure is more than just orgasm. And it can greatly benefit you, your […]

Today’s Tantrik wisdom is inspired by the rain outside my window. It is so very important to be easy with yourself and nonjudgmental as you allow yourself to awaken to the wisdom and liberation of Tantra. I wish you peace, love, and hippieness. ~ trish ~ CONNECT:

Today’s Tantra Tuesday is about the need to release the ego. This is neither fun nor easy, but it is necessary for growth. Remember, Tantra is a “tool of liberation”, and we cannot move forward into true freedom if we are still shackled by the past — even if it is a past (or ego) […]