SEX, MONEY, POWER: The New Rules of Engagement for the New Divine Feminine

In Sex, Money, Power with Trish Causey, The SacredSex Shaman®,

we will deep-dive into

3 Areas

Crucial to understanding your new role in New Earth.


Claim pleasure as your birthright. No more bad sex, abuse, trauma, guilt, or shame! You deserve all the juicy, explosive orgasmic goodness your body has to offer — regardless of your age!


Raise the stakes & call in your financial independence. It’s time to acclimate yourself to earning, having, & spending money — not just on soul mission work, but on YOURSELF for YOURSELF!


Learn to wield your innate gift for authority without being “like a man” or acting “like a bitch”. Your inherent power is what makes the world go ’round.


Toxic culture & religion have feared women’s innate power over birth, life, & death as well as our intuitive connection to the Other Side.

Women have endured thousands of years of persecution & oppression because of our energy & our gifts.

No more!

The Divine Feminine energies rising up from & coming onto the planet at this time are a force to be reckoned with.

You are here to be a leader of the new, but first, we must heal & release the old.


Sex, Money, Power

with Trish Causey, The SacredSex Shaman®.

Each month focuses on one area that needs work & healing across all of your lives & timelines.

3 Archetypes


Heal sexual & sensual aspects, relationships, & traumas to open you fully to receive your birthright of pleasure & joy.


Come out of hiding & hone your skills of magik & manifesting so you can call in your desired reality of abundance in all areas.


Crack open imposter syndrome so that you know your worth & ascend the throne of your rightful place of power.

3 Months

Weekly LIVE with Q&A

Past-Life Work

Womb Healing

Yoni Love

Clearings & Transmutations

Shamanic Journeying

Quantum Energy Healing

Private Messenger Support

Follow-up call 1 month after

Paid in Full (PIF) gets you access to Trish Causey’s “21 Days to Better Bliss” program.

$3,333 PIF

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Also available: CashApp, Venmo, & Zelle (ask for email).

Thank you for saying YES to YOUR BIRTHRIGHT to fabulous

Sex, Money, Power!

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