SEX MAGIK: How to Use Your Orgasms to Manifest Love or Abundance

Once again, I’m teaching a fabulous SEX MAGIK class to teach you how to utilize your sexy energy for manifesting the life of your dreams!

Great for manifesting & stepping into your power as a sensual Divine Creator Goddess or Sacred Masculine Creator God!


MONDAY, September 19, 2022, @ 8 p.m. CDT in a pop-up Facebook group.


There is definitely a right way & a wrong way to do Sex Magik.

But once you learn some basic rules & techniques, your ability to manifest with your 0rgasms will be sky-high!

And you’ll never do a boring ritual ever again! 🤣

I’m teaching this class LIVE, SEPTEMBER 19, 2022, @ 8 p.m. CDT.

Replay will be available if you can’t make it live.

This class is being held in a month-long, pop-up Facebook group, then will move over to a special page on my website.

And it’s for you if you want to MANIFEST all the good stuff of your WILDEST DREAMS with your delicious life-force energy. 🤩


  • 🔸 ️Fundamentals of Magik. 🧙
  • 🔸 ️Fundamentals of how Orgasm works. 👩‍🏫
  • 🔸 ️How to merge Orgasm & Magik. 💫
  • 🔸️ How-to for Solo Magik or Partnered. 🌋
  • 🔸 ️Shielding. 🛡
  • 🔸️ Free Will. 🎉
  • 🔸️ Past Lovers & Karmics. ⏳️
  • 🔸️ Karma & Consequences. ⛓️
  • 🔸 ️Easy mantras (in English). 📜
  • 🔸️ Sex Magik template. 🌐
  • 🔸️ Replay available in month-long group. 📺
  • 🔸️ Homework. 💦
  • 🔸️ Support in group as you try it out!

I will do a 2nd LIVE Q&A in a couple of weeks to answer questions about your experiences & how to fine-tune your process.

All for just $111 USD!

After you pay, please message me so I can let you in the group.

Pay directly using PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle. If using a debit or credit card, use PayPal as a “Guest”.

All Sales Final.

Woo-hoooooooo! Gonna be juicy & fun!


The SacredSex Shaman®