WORK WITH ME: Schedule a 1:1 Session, Event, or Retreat

In my work as The SacredSex Shaman®, I offer several different types of consult sessions to individuals & to couples. My work covers everything from improving sex & relationships to healing sexual trauma, & even pinpointing soul contracts & soulmates from past lives — that may be screwing up this lifetime in the form of money issues, addictions, bad/abusive relationships, weight issues, or even chronic disease.

To schedule a session or package, scroll down to the Scheduler, where you will see the appointment types, the session contract, & payment information.


Self-study courses & programs are also available on the COURSES page!

To commission a song or larger musical work, contact my team via the CONTACT page with “COMMISSION REQUEST” in the subject.

To book me for a guest speaking engagement, see my GUEST SPEAKER page.

If you don’t see the scheduler below, you can SCHEDULE HERE.

I use a myriad of techniques as well as my own modalities:

  • TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK Orgasmic Codes for cosmic-level pleasure & financial abundance,
  • Twin Flames journey & healing for union,
  • understanding the power of Sakti,
  • my intuition/clairs,
  • Tantrik techniques,
  • sex anatomy/physiology,
  • raising Kundalini,
  • trauma releasing & healing,
  • several shamanism traditions,
  • magik & manifestation,
  • NLP,
  • hypnotherapy,
  • EFT/THT (& EFT Energy Technique),
  • Quantum Healing,
  • Karuna Fire Reiki,
  • Angelic healing,
  • & more.

You can see my full list of certifications here on my site, as well as the full description of TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK.

I look forward to working with you!