Trish Causey’s “SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner Course”

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We’ve all been there….

The hook-ups, the one-night stands, the flings.

We’ve been told that that’s what we should want – to sow our wild oats. No strings. No complications.

Just fuck & go. Maybe text later. Or more likely, ghost ’em – or we got ghosted.

That’s what modern-day society has told you — as a woman — to separate yourself from your emotions, block your intuition, forget your goddess origins.

Fuck. Ghost. Forget.

Be masculine. Be a bitch.

You have to — if you want to compete & succeed in a man’s world.

Okay. You did all that. Now, what?

Nowadays, you probably want more…. But….

Do you know how to leave behind the past the sexcapades, co-dependency, wounded feminine, victim consciousness, toxic dating drama, & other patriarchal bullshit—

And transition into your true goddess-priestess Divine Feminine Self that is your spirit essence, radiating unconditional love, self-sufficiency, & magikal alchemy—

And manifest a fulfilling relationship — centered on love & balanced by inner & outer union?

More importantly…. How about some amazing, juicy sex to go along with all that warm & fuzzy unconditional love?

And would you like a big side-helpin’ of financial abundance, career success, happiness, & joy?

Once you understand how love, sacred sex, & money are connected, you can have them ALL — ridiculously easily & flowing into your personal temple non-stop.

Once you tap in to the powerful, intuitive divine light being you are, you will ravenously open your heart, mind, & body to your inherent goddess Self. You will authorize your priestess Self to anchor your Divine Feminine healer, alchemist, lover, warrior, god-sovereign, magikal Self into your everyday life.

Your life will never be the same.

I’m Trish Causey. Nice to meet you!

My newest live training is “SacredSex Certified Embodiment & Empowerment Practitioner Course(TM)”: Ancient Sex Goddess-Priestess Training for the Awakened Woman. The next offering begins online on Sunday, October 5, 2020.

I bring 11 years of Tantrik study & coaching plus a lifetime of intuitively embodying my lover-warrior, goddess-priestess, fire-spirit self into this powerfully rich course to help you anchor true love, divine transformation, sexual alchemy, & healing magik into your relationship with yourself — & with your partner & clients.

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach, & I have spent years learning from my American, Indian, & Malaysian mentors of Kula & Kaula/Sri Vidya Tantra, as well as Kundalini yoga, taking courses, reading densely-packed writings, & even beginning to learn Sanskrit. Not to mention, the sexual awakening I can directly attribute to my Tantrik practice — that became my AWESOM program.

I am a Twin Flame, & I carry the Magdalene template of the Rose line from the goddess Sophia. I am still discovering all the ancient priestess workings within the mystery schools of the temple of Egyptian goddess Isis as well as my current body’s lineage of the goddess & magik traditions of Ireland.

Combining ancient Tantrik sex rituals, goddess embodiment, & priestess empowerment with my expert knowledge of sexual anatomy & function, I have created this 6-month certification course so you can deep-dive into Tantrik wisdom while making the obscure, arcane, & taboo relevant to you & your partner today.

Genital worship for ultimate pleasure & manifesting via sex magik are the tip of the iceberg of this life-changing course. You will immerse yourself within the curriculum that is rooted in the practical advice & systematic implementation of the fires of sexual awakening alchemy.

Now, I’ve combined the wisdom of my study, training, experience coaching clients, & the mystery sex traditions of Tantra’s sages with my own spiritual awakening. You will learn so many ways to allow your erotic, sensual, inherent keys to unlock ecstasy, love, & higher consciousness into your sex life.

Also, if you’re a coach in the areas of love, sex, & relationship transformation, the sexual knowledge, Ascension tips, & Tantrik sex practices you gain as a SacredSex Certified Embodiment & Empowerment Practitioner(TM) will be a huge asset to your coaching business.

I am known for my expert knowledge of sexual anatomy & the healthy sexual function of both men & women. My personal journey of becoming multi-multi-orgasmic, experiencing spontaneous orgasms daily, & mastering female ejaculation have been nothing less than profound.

Unique amongst sex coaches, I pride myself on being a self-described SacredSex Shaman, focused on fostering love with-in in order to manifest love with-out in a passionate & balanced relationship. I LOVE HELPING MY CLIENTS! You will revel in becoming a qualified SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner(TM)!

Humanity is waking up on all levels, & many people do not know how to navigate the new higher consciousness energies – especially when it comes to sex & relationships.

WOMEN are waking up & feeling the inner pull of re-connection to their innate goddess-priestess past lives. Your goddess-self is encoded within your DNA, waiting for you to awaken & arise!

My SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner Course(TM) is the next step in your growth & transformation as an enlightened, sensual, divine-in-the-physical sexual healer.

How My “SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner Course(TM)” is Different:

Over the span of 6 months, we will meet each week for 18 weeks for a 60- to 90-minute livestream class during which I will teach the class’ topic, followed by plenty of time for your questions. Can’t attend live? You will have access to the replay on the private website!

You will receive a log-in to my private SSEECPC website, where you will be able to access all videos after the livestreamed class as well as leave comments & talk with other students. NOTE: This is a private website just for this course, NOT a Facebook group!

An additional Q&A will be livestreamed before the final, open-book “test”. (Don’t worry!)

You will get a 1-on-1 personal Q&A with me each week, with an extra group Q&A to ask all your questions before the “final”.

The “final” will be comprised of the topics covered to ensure you have a grasp of the concepts. Memorizing a couple of mantras is Bonus Points! 🙂

Topics Covered in My “SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner Course(TM)”:

  • Tantrik philosophy on love & sex
  • Tantra & Equality
  • Orgasm & God
  • Sexual bliss for men & women
  • Porn, vibrators, & other addictions
  • Sexual anatomy
  • Genital worship
  • SacredSex positions
  • Real Female Ejaculation (It isn’t “Squirting”!)
  • Sex rituals – solo & partnered
  • Sex Magik for manifesting positive intentions
  • Breaking sexual taboos
  • Cultural taboos & prohibited substances
  • What a Guru really is
  • Shedding the ego
  • Healing sexual trauma/PTSD
  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Karmic entanglement
  • Tantrik perspective on unity consciousness
  • Tantrik gods & goddesses
  • Goddesses & gods from other cultures
  • The ultimate Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine bonding
  • Goddess-focused Tantra
  • Goddess dance to free your spirit
  • Priestess codes for daily alignment
  • Temple fire rituals
  • Creating your erotic love temple at home
  • What union actually means
  • True “Making Love”
  • Styles of breathwork
  • Awakening sexual energy
  • Embodying Sakti
  • The truth about Kali
  • Working with gods & goddesses of magik & abundance
  • Bringing joy & happiness to your sexual experience
  • Daily physical practice
  • Sanskrit 101
  • Cakras & their correspondences
  • Mantras – how to pronounce & sing key mantras
  • Yantras – the important visual aspect of Tantra
  • Creating a SacredSex space for your sex rituals
  • PLUS your certificate proclaiming your accomplishment as a “SacredSex Embodiment & Empowerment Certified Practitioner(TM)”
  • Exclusive permission to use the SSEECP logo on your site & promotional materials (will be a high-quality graphic emailed to you)
  • And more!

This is a comprehensive 6-month course that will deliver invaluable knowledge you can use instantly in your own practice or in service to others.

RE-CAP! You get:

  • Entry to the 6-month course
  • Log-in on my private website
  • 18 live training classes
  • Access to all replays to re-watch over & over
  • 1 personal Q&A with me each week
  • Interaction with me & other students
  • My personal “Recommended Reading” list
  • “Final” survey of material
  • Certificate of completion as a “SacredSex Certified Embodiment & Empowerment Practitioner(TM)”
  • Exclusive permission to use the SSEECP logo

I am limiting this class to 5 highly-qualified, dedicated participants. This is an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques & skills, expand your own consciousness, & connect with others who are like-minded!

Only those who are willing to devote the time, energy, & investment necessary to this practice will be accepted into the course program.

You will receive an amazing gift of knowledge, wisdom, practical tools, ancient rituals, & an inspired itinerary for moving your life forward into service for women & humanity at-large.

You are making an incredibly valuable decision to enrich your life & coaching career.

Apply to join this incredible experience of downloading your divine erotic toolbox & up-leveling your SacredSex priestess destiny. Simply contact me (button below) so we can schedule a chat.

I look forward to discussing your readiness to embark upon this intense, immersive, & rewarding journey.