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ANNOUNCING Trish Causey’s SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course – Bringing Love, Healing, & Consciousness to Sex

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We’ve all been there….

The hook-ups, the one-night stands, the flings.

We’ve been told that that’s what we should want – to sow our wild oats. No strings. No complications.

Just fuck & go. Maybe text later. Or more likely, ghost ’em – or we got ghosted.

Okay. You did all that. Now, what?

Nowadays, you probably want more…. But…. Do you know how to transition from the past sexcapades, co-dependency, & toxic dating drama to a fulfilling relationship centered on love & balanced by inner & outer union? More importantly, how about some amazing, juicy sex to go along with all that new unconditional love?

Hello! I’m Trish Causey. Nice to meet you!

My newest live training: SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course(TM), begins Tuesday, May 19, 2020. I bring 11 years of study & coaching into one immersive 6-month course to help you anchor love, awareness, & magik into your sexual relationship. If you are also a coach, you will doubly appreciate this training you can use immediately in your own coaching practice.

Combining ancient Tantrik sex rituals & spiritual perspective with my expert knowledge of sexual anatomy & function, I have created this 6-month certification course so you can deep-dive into Tantrik wisdom while making the obscure, arcane, & taboo relevant to you & your partner today.

Genital worship for ultimate pleasure & manifesting via sex magik are the tip of the iceberg of this live training course that is rooted in the practical advice & systematic implementation of unity consciousness into your daily life.

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach, & I have spent years learning from my Tantra & Kundalini mentors, taking courses, reading densely-packed writings, & even begun learning Sanskrit to facilitate my own journey.

Now, I’ve combined the wisdom of my training & the mystery sex traditions of Tantra’s sages with my spiritual awakening to help YOU bring love & higher consciousness into your sex life.

Also, if you’re a coach in the areas of love, sex, & relationship transformation, the sexual knowledge, Ascension tips, & Tantrik sex practices you gain as a SacredSex Certified Practitioner(TM) will be a huge asset to your coaching business.

I am known for my expert knowledge of sexual anatomy & the healthy sexual function of both men & women. My personal journey of becoming multi-multi-orgasmic, experiencing spontaneous orgasms daily, & mastering female ejaculation have been nothing less than profound.

Unique amongst sex coaches, I pride myself on being a self-described Sacred Sex Shaman, focused on fostering love with-in in order to manifest love with-out in a passionate & balanced relationship. I LOVE HELPING MY CLIENTS! And I want to help YOU become a SacredSex Certified Practitioner(TM)!

Humanity is waking up on all levels, & many people do not know how to navigate the new higher consciousness energies – especially when it comes to sex & relationships. My SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course(TM) is the next step in your growth & transformation as an enlightened person & as someone wanting to help others.

The Problem with Tantra in the West:

  • Neo-Tantra has given real Tantra a bad name. Seriously. (And don’t get me started on “yoga” in the United States.)
  • Tantra is much more than wild sex positions or orgies. And no, Tantra has never been about the casual hook-up.
  • Neo-Tantra claims to clear your “chakras”. Really? Which cakra tradition is that? The one with 6 cakras? Or 10? Or 114? Or more?
  • Forget what you’ve seen in porn or in exploitative books. By the way, porn & vibrators are the death of sexual bliss. Wanna know how? (See below.)
  • Is sex actually part of Tantra? Absolutely. But not as it’s been portrayed in popular culture. (See below.)
  • Neo-Tantra focuses on women’s climax – but real Tantrik sex does not necessarily focus on orgasm at all. Sometimes is does, but it doesn’t have to. (See below.)
  • And men, stop hating women’s multiple orgasms. YOU can have multiple O’s, too! (See below.)

How Trish Causey’s SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course(TM) is Different:

Over the span of 6 months, we will meet each week for 18 weeks for a 60- to 90-minute livestream class during which I will teach the class’ topic, followed by plenty of time for your questions. Can’t attend live? You will have access to the replay on the private website!

You will receive a log-in to Trish’s private SSCPC website, where you will be able to access all videos after the livestreamed class as well as leave comments & talk with other students. NOTE: This is a private website just for this course, NOT a Facebook group!

An additional Q&A will be livestreamed before the final, open-book “test”. (Don’t worry!)

You will get a 1-on-1 personal Q&A with me to ask all your questions before the “final”.

The “final” will be comprised of the topics covered to ensure you have a grasp of the concepts. Memorizing a couple of mantras is Bonus Points! 🙂

Topics covered in my SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course(TM):

  • Tantrik philosophy on love & sex
  • Tantra & Equality
  • Orgasm & God
  • Sexual bliss for men & women
  • Porn, vibrators, & other addictions
  • Sexual anatomy
  • Genital worship
  • SacredSex positions
  • Real Female Ejaculation (It isn’t “Squirting”!)
  • Sex rituals – solo & partnered
  • Sex Magik for manifesting positive intentions
  • Breaking sexual taboos
  • Cultural taboos & prohibited substances
  • What a Guru really is
  • Shedding the ego
  • Healing sexual trauma/PTSD
  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Karmic entanglement
  • Tantrik perspective on unity consciousness
  • Tantrik gods & goddesses
  • The ultimate Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine bonding
  • Goddess-focused Tantra
  • What union actually means
  • True “Making Love”
  • Styles of breathwork
  • Awakening sexual energy
  • Embodying Sakti
  • The truth about Kali
  • Daily physical practice
  • Sanskrit 101
  • Cakras & their correspondences
  • Mantras – how to pronounce & sing key mantras
  • Yantras – the important visual aspect of Tantra
  • Creating a SacredSex space for your sex rituals
  • PLUS your certificate proclaiming your accomplishment as a SacredSex Certified Practitioner(TM)
  • Exclusive permission to use the SSCP logo on your site & promotional materials (will be a high-quality graphic emailed to you)
  • And more!

This is a comprehensive 6-month course that will deliver invaluable knowledge you can use instantly in your own practice or in service to others.

RE-CAP! You get:

  • Entry to the 6-month course
  • Log-in on my private website
  • 18 live training classes
  • Access to all replays to re-watch over & over
  • 1 personal Q&A with me
  • Interaction with me & other students
  • My personal “Recommended Reading” list
  • “Final” survey of material
  • Certificate of completion as a SacredSex Certified Practitioner(TM)
  • Exclusive permission to use the SSCP logo

I am limiting this class to 5 students. This is an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques & skills, expand your own consciousness, & connect with others who are like-minded!

When you sign up, you are making an incredibly valuable decision to move your life forward. Congratulations! And I can’t wait to have you join in the classes!

EARLY BIRD! Until May 11, 2020, get this 6-month Tantrik-intensive course for just $4,440.00.

PayPal account: “AwesomTrish”. Also available: Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay, & Zelle. Email me your best email address so I can send you the log-in information.


REGULAR PRICE As of May 12, 2020: $5,000.00