Pretty self-explanatory, these photos are headshots, selfies, and video stills from my YouTube videos.

From the ages of 9 to 12, the kids at my school told every day that I should kill myself because I was ugly — weird hair color, pale skin, freckles, weird eye color, a gap in my upper front teeth color, along with a muscular Irish build the kids interpreted as “fat”. I always hated having my picture taken except for theatre where I was playing someone (anyone!) other than myself. I never smiled in photos because of my teeth. Getting the gap fixed helped considerably, but weight gain after I had my daughter made me very self-conscious of my body.

Now, I really don’t care. I take selfies all the time to make up for the years I hid from a camera because I still believed those asshole — kids that my being dead was better than taking up space in their universe.

Fuck that.

VIEWING: Click on any photo to open the lightbox. From there, click the “X” at the bottom to open up to Full Screen, and click the “i” at the bottom to display the info on each picture.

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