PAST-LIVES MONEY CONTRACTS’ RELEASE: Clearing Vows of Poverty & Curses So You Can Finally Bring in Abundance

You’ve done all the positive thinking & affirmations ’til you’re blue in the face, but if the money still isn’t showing up, there may be a past-life reason for this!

A vow of poverty, an angry curse, or fear of having money in a previous time could all be affecting your ability to anchor financial abundance in this lifetime.

This crap has to be cleared in a very specific way. Your run-of-the-mill New Age fluff affirmation can’t touch these deeply entrenched oaths, vows, & alliances that are holding you back.


Join me Friday, October 1, 2021, @ 8 p.m. CDT, when I’ll teach my “PAST-LIVES MONEY CONTRACTS’ RELEASE” class as part of a month-long workshop group.

A LOT of the stuff coming up right now is past-life & even parallel lives’ crap needing to be cleared.

You can’t just wish it away. It has to be cleared & released in a specific way, or it will remain active. Forever.

I go over ALL of this in this class & workshop.

NEW techniques & info were channeled recently that allowed me to heal & release 484 past lives that were still affecting me & financial abundance.

And I’ve cleared even more with my new clearing for releasing the wounds of the Warrior, Saviour, Witch, Prostitute, & Wounded Healer archetypes.


👩‍🏫 LIVE training with Q&A.

💡 Understanding these reasons for these contracts, vow, & curses.

🤓 Understanding contracts & alliances.

🧙‍♀️ LIVE past-lives release ritual.

 📺 Replay in case you can’t make it live.

 📝 Journal prompts.

 🧡 Support in pop-up Facebook group (1-month).

NOTE: This class is NOT a past-life regression session. That is a different experience (& highly recommended!).

With this “PAST-LIVES MONEY CONTRACTS’ RELEASE” class & workshop, you will clear ancient & recent issues that are affecting your life in innumerable ways.

THIS. IS. IMPORTANT. WORK! Especially for women as we continue to bring forth the Divine Feminine influence in the world. Women MUST have money in order to anchor our equality & sovereignty.

Let’s clear this poverty shit!

Class is this Friday @ 8 p.m. CDT! Replay & support in the group.

$111 USD

All Sales Final.

Looking forward to seeing you in the month-long group!

SacredSex Shaman