Transformation is powerful.

But first, you must have answers.

As part of the services I offer — in 1:1’s & as part of my courses,

Past Life Regression sessions remain some of my most powerful healing transformations for my clients.

I absolutely LOVE administering Past Life Regression sessions (& Forward Life Progression, too!)

The incredible experiences of my clients even blow me away!

To see a client in tears of sudden understanding after years of failed relationships

or breathing deep sighs of release from trauma or karma with new insight on how to move forward —


I highly recommend this. I did this last week with Trish and it was amazing and very effective. Healed an issue I have been trying to heal for years.

GlenDA E., USA


Gain more clarity on what’s at the root of your life dramas.

Past Life Regression can give you insights you cannot get anywhere else on your:

~ current issues,

~ karmic relationships,

~ money problems,

~ addictions,

~ weight issues,

~ & more.


I am certified in Past Life Regression Therapy as well as Past Life Regression for Soulmates & Relationships.

Adding this particular skill set to my work truly enhanced the work I do in relationship dynamics, sexual trauma, & ancestral karma.

You will learn so much by exploring your soul’s other lives!

Not just here, but in other multidimensional realities as well!

But if you’re new to past-life regression, we’ll start with your previous lives here on Earth, okay? 😀


When we do your Past Life Regression (PLR) session, we will go to the life that is most pertinent to your current situation.

You will safely see & experience the lessons that are still at play now.

We will do the appropriate clearings & healings that best serve you at this time:

~ the specific soul contracts that need to be canceled,

~ the embedded karma that needs to be cleared,

~ the ancient woundings that need to be healed,

~ the anchors holding you back,

~ the people to meet or avoid,

~ the paths that are for your highest good,

~ to name a few possibilities.

We can also go forward into a future life to see the potentiality of where you’re going.

This is more than someone else doing a reading for you or someone else going into your Akashic records.

YOU will be experiencing your soul’s journey directly, while knowing you are always safe & protected.

YOU will learn the most important lessons to your own journey at this time.


1 past life & healing in a 75-minute session: $555.

3 past lives & healing in a 2-hour session: $1,111.

Use the scheduler below to choose & schedule your session.

Deep healing awaits you.

The time is NOW!