December 2017, Story Tavern, Burbank, CA

I am a trained singer, proficient in Broadway, Jazz, Irish, Rock, and other styles, as well as a composer, orchestrator, and arranger. My original music reveals my background in the classical music of ballet, piano, and opera along with Broadway and movie musicals, along with world music styles such as Irish music, Middle Eastern and North African dance, plus my interests in the mantras and rhythms of India.


I have composed works for the stage, stand-alone songs, and songs for other, non-musical works, such as a novel and a screenplay.

My music composition style is rooted in Broadway, with operatic leanings and hints of jazz, Irish, Middle Eastern, and other cultural flavors. I call my musical compositional style, “Global, Deep-fried Broadpera”, and I write stand-alone songs in styles ranging from voice/piano or small combo to full-throttle, multi-layered symphonic rock.

Various social awareness issues and activism usually find their way into my original music and writings.

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  • WITCHCRAZE, a two-act musical set during the 1692 Salem witch trials, explores women’s rights, basic freedoms, and tolerance for those who are “different”;
  • TWO HEARTS is a one-act opera that deals with LGBT issues and the complexity of being accepted as a bisexual within the LGBT community;
  • FEMALE O, a concerto for orchestra that is a musical exploration of a woman’s journey through orgasm.
  • HERSTORY is a musical for children that highlights various women who affected world events but many are never mentioned in Western-centric, Euro-centric his-story books;
  • REQUIEM FOR JUDAS and MARY M., a requiem based on the Gospels of Judas and Mary Magdalene, which challenge the sanitized story of Jesus’ life and motives for becoming a “saviour”;
  • VOICES ON THE WIND tackles issues faced by American Indians on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota (VOTW is a screenplay for which Trish composed several songs);
  • VOCALISES 1.0 is a vocal warm-up CD for trained and experienced singers that replaces the boring scales of yesteryear;
  • AWAKENING is a meditation track that can also be used with Causey’s online Tantra Yoga course, AWESOM(TM).


Here are sample scores from a few of my music works. To hear the music, play the corresponding YouTube video in the playlist below.

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I also perform as a soloist as well as with my group, The Trish Causey Band, for public and private events. Some of these performances are available on YouTube. Check out some of the audio from my past Irish pub gigs as well as some Broadway showtunes’ covers below.

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