I am Trish Causey — trained, professional singer: proficient in Broadway, Jazz, Irish, Rock, & other styles. See photo gallery below!

I am also an award-winning composer, who does all of my own work as an orchestrator, music & vocal arranger, & score engraver. 

I studied at Berklee College of Music in the field of Music Composition for Film, TV, & Games. Degree in progress.


I have composed works for the stage, stand-alone songs, and songs for other, non-musical works, such as a novel and a screenplay.

My music composition style is rooted in Broadway, with operatic & classical leanings with big helpin’s of jazz, Irish, Middle Eastern, Indian, & other cultural flavors. I call my musical compositional style, “Global, Deep-fried Theatrical Jazz.”

I write stand-alone songs in styles ranging from voice/piano or small combo to full-throttle, multi-layered symphonic rock with SSAATTBB choir.

Various social awareness issues & activism usually find their way into my original music & writings.

Please peruse the PRESS KIT full information. For interviews or other media requests, please email: Press.


  • WITCHCRAZE, a two-act musical set during the 1692 Salem witch trials, explores women’s rights, basic freedoms, and tolerance for those who are “different”;
  • TWO HEARTS is a one-act opera that deals with LGBT issues and the complexity of being accepted as a bisexual within the LGBT community;
  • FEMALE O, a concerto for orchestra that is a musical exploration of a woman’s journey through orgasm.
  • HERSTORY is a musical for children that highlights various women who affected world events but many are never mentioned in Western-centric, Euro-centric his-story books;
  • REQUIEM FOR JUDAS and MARY M., a requiem based on the Gospels of Judas and Mary Magdalene, which challenge the sanitized story of Jesus’ life and motives for becoming a “saviour”;
  • VOICES ON THE WIND tackles issues faced by American Indians on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota (VOTW is a screenplay for which Trish composed several songs);
  • AWAKENING is a meditation track that can also be used with Causey’s online Tantra Yoga course, AWESOM(TM).


To hear the music, play the corresponding YouTube video in the playlist below.