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Joining the TRIBE as a GNOSTIC, you are ready for the deep work!

As a GNOSTIC, you receive the following amazing portals of transformation:

  • Access to the Mela ~ the forum,
  • 4 LIVE Q&A's ~ any & all topics brought forth by the TRIBE,
  • 1 LIVE Guest Speaker with Q&A,
  • 1 LIVE Past-Life Regression or Shamanic Journey session in group,
  • 1 LIVE Reiki Energy Session in group,
  • Tantra & SacredSex Rituals Main Group,
  • Sex & Relationships Main Group*,
  • Twin Flames & Soulmates Main Group*,
  • Portals & Gateways Main Group*,
  • Magik & Manifestation Main Group*,
  • DailyOJ posts ~ “Daily” Orgasm Journal going back to 2012,
  • AskTRISH posts ~ going back to 2014,
  • Ascension Academy,
  • Ancient & Esoteric Mysteries' School,
  • Divine Feminine Temple,
  • Divine Masculine Temple,
  • New Moon ritual,
  • Full Moon ritual,
  • Equinox or Solstice ritual**,
  • Access to Meditations as released**,
  • Card o' the Day ~ Tuesday through Friday,
  • 22% discount on Products & Courses.
* Main group & all subsequent groups within it.
** If applicable in the month you're a member.


Sounds awesome, yes?

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