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With the TRIBE membership, you get access to the Mela, the private forum here on Mela means "gathering place", like a "fair" that everyone looks forward to attending.

This TRIBE membership is for persons aged 18+ or 21+ in some areas. You are responsible for knowing the laws in your area.

In the Mela, we discuss all things Tantra, SacredSex, Relationships, Twin Flames, Soulmates, Ascension, Arts, Music, Books, Food, Galactics, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Cakras, Energy work, Past Lives,  Alternate Realities, 5D, New Earth, Pagan, Witchy Stuff, Herbs, Sewing, CosPlay, Off-Grid Living, Sustainable Living/Farming, Natural Healing Modalities, & whatever else tickles our fancy!

The TRIBE membership in the Mela forum is included in other levels of membership: Initiate, Seeker, Mystic, Gnostic, Maverick, & beyond.

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Enjoy! And welcome!



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