This page is for the Panelists of the 2023 McKnight Visiting Composer Residency.

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Available upon request.


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WORK SAMPLE #1: “Into the Past” from LOVE AGAIN

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“Into the Past” is sung by A’Ri’Ka in an early ACT I scene of LOVE AGAIN. She explains why past-life regression could help Magda unlock the secrets to her past.

This song’s instrumentation includes the sounds of the cultures we will see in the main past-lives’ scenes: 16th c. Andalucia, Spain; ancient India, 9th c. Eastern Europe, in what is now Hungary. I utilized the stringed instruments as the musical thread that connects these lifetimes: Sitar ~ India, Guitar ~ Spain, Cimbalom ~ Hungary, Violin ~ Romani.

With this song, the audience not only receives background information for the plot but also the sounds of the cultural musical flavors used throughout the show.

Alternate link to .PDF of “Into the Past”.

WORK SAMPLE #2: “The Saga of the Irish Setter (Instrumental)

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This frenetic instrumental is from a narrative song about a dog who searches the whole world to find his mate, played as only the best Irish musicians can — lightning fast!

I am submitting this song to show the Panelists how I integrate the stylistic nuances of a particular culture into my works. I am Scotch-Irish but did not grow up with the music of my heritage. I had to learn it later. However, I do feel this song sounds authentically (modern, warp-speed) Irish. It will definitely be a crowd-pleaser to close live shows.

Alternate link to .PDF of “The Saga of the Irish Setter (Instrumental)”.

WORK SAMPLE #3: “Strut & Groove

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This is one of my favorite original compositions, perhaps because I adore counterpoint. “Strut & Groove” is an entire piece based on strict contrapuntal techniques – no fudging anywhere!

Based on the first several bars of the electric guitar, all other elements are counter extrapolations from that: retrograde, inversion, inverted retrograde, retrograde inversion, diminution, fragments, etc. Even the bass’ ostinato gets a little retrograde in the break.

For myself, I can see this work expanded for full orchestra & opened up a little to breathe. But the point of this work was the counterpoint! I also think it would make a swell underscore for a groovy movie set in the 1970’s.

Alternate link to .PDF of “Strut & Groove”.


Thank you for your consideration. I truly look forward to collaborating with artists in Minnesota in the near future.