LOVE AGAIN ~ Concept Album ~ Information for Backers

Trish Causey presents her Concept EP Album ~ LOVE AGAIN ~ proposal to compose & produce 6 songs to music-industry standards & release via all mainstream platforms, featuring mezzo coloratura opera/jazz singer Renée Sokol Huff with special guest artist basso profundo Zachary James.

LOVE AGAIN ~ The Story

Overworked music teacher Magda meets snooty book shop owner Deven through psychic & woo expert Arika. Recently dumped by his wife, Deven swears he is done with love (NEVER AGAIN). Through past-life regression, Magda meets a previous aspect of herself, Ílka, & her lover, Vászul, who dies tragically (ONE LOVE).

Grief-stricken, Ílka puts a curse on all the women in her family line – including Magda – to save them from the pain of a broken heart. Magda feels overwhelming compassion for Ílka & Vászul’s fate & wants to help her ancestors heal from this understandable, but misguided contract that has prevented them all from finding love (VOICES OF THE PAST).

* * * The synopsis for the stage version is much more involved. * * *


To bring this fantastic project to life, Trish is bringing on top talents in the opera & recording industries as well as hiring knowledgeable advisors to give honest feedback along the way.

The Backers’ Audition Presentation & Proposal .PDF includes résumés of the main participants as well as an overview of the process of creating the album & the budget to make it happen.

To view the Presentation & Proposal .PDF, click the. PDF player below.

Also, you can enjoy a video of support from guest basso profundo, Zachary James; & below that is a YouTube playlist of some of Trish Causey’s original music.

Both Renée Sokol Huff & Zachary James are award-winning, genre-busting singers with dynamic, powerhouse voices that thrill audiences.

An alum of Berklee College of Music, Trish Causey is an award-winning composer who has been a Featured Composer numerous times over the years. Overseeing successful productions & coaching talented singers has been the hallmark of her music experience.

A word from Zachary James about this EP Album project & working with Trish Causey:

Learn more about Zachary James & his career on

NEVER AGAIN by Trish Causey ~ Sung by Zachary James

Deven was kicked out of the house by his wife, & now, she has just presented him with divorce papers … on Valentine’s Day … at his business … in front of his customers. He yells at everyone to “Get out!”, & thus begins Deven’s spiraling down into a quagmire of conflicting emotions — wanting love but can he trust Love again?

Singing this emotional rollercoaster of an aria is Zachary James.

.PDF of Lyrics, Lead Sheet, & Score

.MP3 Audio of Zachary James



A former Broadway journalist & member of the L.A. music scene, Trish has brought in top connections she has made during her years of work in New York & Los Angeles.

Among these connections are in-demand Audio Engineer Kenji Nakai, who will do the final mix & master; three-time GRAMMY-winning mezzo vocal coach Victoria Livengood; vocal function technician with over 30 million YouTube views & recording artist Eric Arceneaux; contemporary opera director emeritus & producer Jim Schaeffer, among others. For legal concerns, Ben McLane is the go-to expert in the entertainment industry.


A sample playlist of some of Trish Causey’s original music:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the proposal .PDF & peruse this information. Please contact Trish Causey for options on how you can help fund this album.

Only LOVE is real.


Trish Causey