The photos on this page are a collection of pics taken over the past three years at gigs performed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in New Orleans, and in Mobile. Many of them are grainy due to the low-lighting in the pubs as well as the crappy quality of the camera on my iPhone.

I started playing Irish music gigs on March 17, 2014, with guitarist Garland Kelley. When he moved, I continued playing Irish pub gigs with other musicians on the Coast as well as lunch gigs at Good Karma, a vegetarian restaurant run by the local Hare Krishna temple. I organized Trish Causey Band and brought on several more wonderful musicians: Billy Marter on guitar; Kelly Thibault on guitar; Eyler Coates on electric bass, bagpipes, and Celtic harp; and CJ LoPresto on all sorts of ethnic drums, including the Irish bodhran.

I was invited to be the guest vocalist at the inaugural reboot of the Coast Jazz Society, and I performed Broadway and jazz at local nightclubs with Cherie Cruso and Allen Hightower. I also had fun American Songbook rehearsals at Good Karma with Dean Bellais.

At the time, I was limited in traveling because I am a single mom. Now that my daughter is in college, I am relocating to Los Angeles while I prep my EP album for release.

I am available for travel and only perform paid gigs.

VIEWING: Click on any photo to open the lightbox. From there, click the “X” at the bottom to open up to Full Screen, and click the “i” at the bottom to display the info on each picture.