DATING MR. TOXIC: The Neuroscience & Energetics of Why You’re Attracted to Assholes

Look, there’s no shame. We’ve all been there. We’ve dated them. Even married them. (Eeeeek!) But, never fear! SacredSex Shaman Trish Causey is here to help you break your toxic-man addiction once & for all.

(NOTE: Healing our own Toxic Feminine tendencies is a whole other story. But stay tuned for that class!)

Learn about the sneaky influences that keep you pulled into unhealthy relationships in this new course: “DATING MR. TOXIC: The Neuroscience & Energetics of Why You’re Attracted to Assholes”.

Sex Educator & Quantum Sexual Trauma Healer, Trish Causey is also a Tāntrīka of the SriVidya/Kaula/Kula path & has received excellent training in trauma-informed therapies via the renowned Arizona Trauma Institute.


When you register for DATING MR. TOXIC, you will gain entry into a pop-up Facebook group for the LIVE class & a MONTH of activities afterward.

In Trish Causey’s DATING MR. TOXIC class, you will gain valuable information & insight into:

🛑 TELL-TALE SIGNS — the hallmark warning signs of a toxic relationship before you get all “Game of Thrones” deep in it.

⚛ BIO-PHYSIOLOGY — the physical shenanigans that affect you all the way down to your cells!

🧠 BRAIN (DYS)FUNCTION — the neurological “faulty wiring” that keeps you making bad dating decisions.

⏳ PAST LIVES — Karma, tragedies, revenge, oh, my!…. This topic alone is worth the price of admission!

👽 QUANTUM ENERGY CONNECTIONS — clandestine contracts & allegiances that may need to be canceled for good.

You will learn how to break these cycles — physically & energetically.

And you will start to master techniques to help you heal these issues now & if they creep up again.


👩‍🏫 LIVE training & Q&A with Trish Causey

📺 Replay available if you can’t make it live,

🪄 Techniques to practice at home,

📝 Journal prompts,

🗓 A MONTH of activites,

🤗 Support in the pop-up Facebook group.

All of this for just $111.

All Sales Final.


Midway through the month, I will do a 2nd LIVE Q&A to answer questions about your experiences & how to fine-tune your process of noticing & handling a toxic dating scenario.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!

Take care,

SacredSex Shaman