Continuing with the GOP’s #WarOnWomen, the Speaker of the Michigan State Representatives and fellow right-wing conservatives got their knickers in a twist yesterday when Democratic Representative Lisa Brown used the word “vagina” while talking about her proposed amendment to an abortion bill. After mentioning some controversial points of fact in the Jewish religion that actually […]

Speaking of AW’s new Twitter handle and Facebook page (which all of you should follow and “Like,” respectively!), I should also mention that this blog has a shiny new address as well. The direct site name is now  It’s still on WordPress, but this new name is shorter to type and easier to remember […]

All right, everyone, I really didn’t mean to cause a fuss with the #ff yesterday. I had just changed my Twitter user name FROM @Aroused_Woman TO @AnArousedWoman, taken from the title of my upcoming book, Confessions of an Aroused Woman.  The underscore in the middle was really annoying me. Mea culpa! May the vagina be […]