I am now an official Marriage Officiant! If you’re looking for a pagan, heathen, witchy, Wiccan, bohemian, theatrical, non-traditional, out-of-the-ordinary, non-Christian, and/or non-religious wedding, LET ME KNOW!  (I will be happy to officiate a Christian marriage, too.) I want to provide an alternative to those who can’t or don’t want a Christian/church wedding but want […]

With the success of my AskTrish series, I have been inundated with questions by people seeking personal help with their individual situations regarding sex, masturbation, healing from sexual trauma, and relationships. I’ve been receiving so many questions on general topics and specific scenarios, I’m having trouble keeping up with them on top of my paying […]

Being an activist is a hard job. Mainly because it is a relentless pursuit of justice — bringing awareness to the masses who prefer drinking the KoolAid and caring more about the latest shenanigans of the Kardashians or newest “American Idol” results. Also, the activist pay sucks — usually in the low $0’s. Occasionally, my […]