Yesterday, July 20th, I realized I was exactly four years to the day from July 20, 2017, when I quite literally had to leave everything I know to get on my true path, my path as a Twin Flame here in the physical….

The number 313 has been showing up for a while. So it’s interesting that I would dream about my Divine Masculine’s family in the wee hours of March 13th. Tomorrow being March 14th, marking 4 years since my DM & I first talked in the physical this lifetime…. READ MORE….

The psychic attacks the past week have been intense & physically painful, to say the least. I haven’t talked about this much here on my blog, but I guess it’s time to share….

If you’re a Twin Flame, Lightworker, or any kind of awakening being, you may have noticed some extra activity below your belt….

The year 2018 had the highest highs and lowest lows of my life. I won’t go into all of those specifics; but suffice to say, I am so glad 2018 is over! Lots of experiences and lessons came up in 2018….