Navrātri means “nine nights” & is a 9-night festival celebrated all over India to honor the goddess aspects of Durgā & the triumph of good over evil. These are timely topics as we see the Divine Feminine becoming more prominent in the awakening consciousness of society on the journey from a fear-based 3D to a […]

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A reader of my blog in England has written in with a great question about how to stop his addiction to porn and how to stop ejaculating. He also has a keen interest in Tantra and wants to know how to grow his experience in a sensual, loving way and ditch porn for good. Here’s […]

It seems that what everyone wants to know about Tantra is the sex part … specifically, how to realize multiple orgasms and orgiastic fantasies. And I completely understand. But there is some background information that I feel is important for novices to know. In this video, I talk about the approach to the sexual union […]

I’m often asked if there are specific techniques in Tantra to have better orgasms or to make a woman’s pleasure better. The answer, of course, is YES. But the answer isn’t as simple as “do this here”, “do that there”. A woman is not a robot. Neither is a man. There is more to arousal […]