Sex is normal & beautiful. But for most of us, assault has tarnished how we think of ourselves, our bodies, & people, in general. We have experienced sexual trauma in many, many lifetimes, not just this one….

Yesterday, July 20th, I realized I was exactly four years to the day from July 20, 2017, when I quite literally had to leave everything I know to get on my true path, my path as a Twin Flame here in the physical….

Dear Trish, That was random I know, but you share so much about your life and experiences that I wondered how you were doing in the areas that you don’t speak about.  You have every right to say nothing.  I just enjoy getting a better understanding of the woman behind the blog. What do you […]

Copyright 2013 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. *Read Part 1.* The fourth time with the new toy was a mixed, weird, confusing experience.  Suffice it to say, this guy requires lube — lots of lube.  I had already done a blended orgasm with my new glass toy (more on that later) to prime my […]

If you read my post from the other day, you know ArousedWoman is now 1 year old — and what a year it has been!  I did not set out to create what ArousedWoman has become — I just followed my heart to continue my activism for myself personally and “to stir to action” and […]