I know you fear me, Instagram (& Facebook). I wield the power of a thousand lifetimes incarnated as a woman, targeted & suppressed by an evil system that preached its superiority while violating so many behind the scenes & murdering so many in a public display of false power & stolen authority. I wield my […]

Today, I’m being interviewed about sacred union. What it means to be in sacred union. Which, of course, leads to the topic of sacred sex. My specialty. As a self-described SacredSex Shaman, my work involves helping clients go from blah to bliss, from fear to fierce, from wounded to healed — & healing so many […]

If you’ve seen my recent foray into daily YouTubing, you will have noticed that the second day of the week is now Tantra Tuesday.  You know I love Tanta, and there is SOOOOO much more to Tantra than just sex … although I love the sexy side of Tantra as well. In this weekly series, […]

Jamie McCartney is a British artist who created an art installation piece of plaster casts called “The Great Wall of Vagina”.  On his website are images of the entire installation along with the motto, “Changing female body image through art”. His website explains the art piece: The 9 metre long polyptych consists of four hundred […]

For those of you who follow my blog and now listen to my radio show, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU! for being patient with me while I get this show up and running.  You are all AWESOME! And yes…. I will eventually get back to actually writing here on the blog… […]