Copyright 2021 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. Sexual trauma is being purged individually as well as collectively. With all the other past-life & this-life issues being purged at this time, how can sexual trauma not be as well? Remember that the physical body is your vehicle — your body transports your soul/essence here in […]

I know you fear me, Instagram (& Facebook). I wield the power of a thousand lifetimes incarnated as a woman, targeted & suppressed by an evil system that preached its superiority while violating so many behind the scenes & murdering so many in a public display of false power & stolen authority. I wield my […]

A reader of my blog in England has written in with a great question about how to stop his addiction to porn and how to stop ejaculating. He also has a keen interest in Tantra and wants to know how to grow his experience in a sensual, loving way and ditch porn for good. Here’s […]

Wow! Has it really been 300 blog posts — already?! I still can’t believe I just passed 3 years of doing ArousedWoman. And to think I’ve now written 300 articles, posts, reviews, and rants about women’s sexuality and activism is just amazing. That’s 300 posts over 3 years, which equals 100 per year, or about […]

With the landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States legalizing gay marriage last Friday, June 26, 2015, one would think only celebrating and rejoicing would be heard throughout these 50 states, which are founded upon the principles of “liberty and justice for all”. However, one does not have to look far to […]