Anyone who has entered a singing competition has encountered the “Do Not Sing” list, a collection of songs forbidden by the judging panel. These tunes are called “low, hanging fruit” because they are too common, too easy, or simply unwanted. Much like the unwanted “Do Not Sing” outcasts, women’s breasts rarely meet society’s and media’s […]

Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. On Facebook, my friends and I were commenting on a picture I had posted of a sign-waving evangelical spouting gloom and doom for those of us who are freethinkers; then we were conversing about a photo of Hillary Clinton. As the conversation unfolded onto other topics, one person commented that […]

Hard to believe, but ArousedWoman (as well as this blog!) turns 4 today. After four years of pressing the buttons of narrow-minded misogynists while extolling the virtues of women’s rights and women’s sexuality, ArousedWoman has even more to share, teach, and accomplish in an effort to help create a society that values women, our basic […]