Navrātri means “nine nights” & is a 9-night festival celebrated all over India to honor the goddess aspects of Durgā & the triumph of good over evil. These are timely topics as we see the Divine Feminine becoming more prominent in the awakening consciousness of society on the journey from a fear-based 3D to a […]

If you have known me for any length of time, you know my Witchy sensibilities balk loudly whenever I hear of people doing “releasing” magik on the Full Moon…..

I consciously release all the SHAME
I was made to shoulder as a child,
all the BLAME I was made to absorb,
all the GUILT forced upon me by the guilty….

The Venus-Mars Conjunction in Leo is powerful today! Started last night. Will be throwing energy tomorrow, too. Venus, the goddess of love, relationships, sensuality, & beauty is in a conjunction (union) with Mars, the god of action, decisiveness, passion, desires, & assertiveness. In Leo, no less! Leo is the sign of sexy passion! So, if […]

Copyright 2021 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. Sexual trauma is being purged individually as well as collectively. With all the other past-life & this-life issues being purged at this time, how can sexual trauma not be as well? Remember that the physical body is your vehicle — your body transports your soul/essence here in […]