If you haven’t started eating the superfood quinoa, you need to! This Incan “mother of all the grains” is one of the hottest foods in the health world. It can be used in so many dishes, and it’s super easy to prepare. Here’s a short video on what it is and why you should use […]

*NOTE*:  This question was asked of me on a yoga forum.  I have included my original response as well as some extra info here. Trish, Is menopause the wilting stage for women? HELL NO!!!!! Menopause is a WONDERFUL time for women sexually!  It’s the first time in a woman’s life that she can have true […]

Tuesday night, while doing my radio show on “Sex & the Voice”, I noticed reverb in my left ear — a metallic echo whenever I or my guest spoke.  I assumed it was a problem with my headphones, which was worrisome since they are a good-quality Sony pair. Wednesday morning, I awoke with some pain […]

Copyright 2013 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. A quick recipe for a quick drink that can be the vegan answer to taking fish oil for Omega-3’s! Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that your body must have but cannot produce on its own, so we have to get it from our food.  Omega-3’s are […]

Copyright 2013 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. This is the first post in what I hope will be a steady supply of recipes that are good for the body — and ergo, great for orgasms! In one of my recent posts, I revealed that eating isn’t really a big thing for me.  Because I […]