Copyright 2020 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. Quick update! I return with my show, “SacredSex with Trish” on 11-17, & I will be interviewed on The Jay Campbell Podcast on 11-19. I will also return with “The Trish Causey Show” in December. Both “SacredSex with Trish” & “The Trish Causey Show” will be done […]

Hard to believe, but ArousedWoman (as well as this blog!) turns 4 today. After four years of pressing the buttons of narrow-minded misogynists while extolling the virtues of women’s rights and women’s sexuality, ArousedWoman has even more to share, teach, and accomplish in an effort to help create a society that values women, our basic […]

In yet another bout of politics-of-the-absurd by the leaders of the Congressional OB-GYN (Obnoxious Biblical Gynoticians), Ted Cruz and 18 other GOP Congressional fascists had threatened to shut down the federal government if Planned Parenthood were not defunded. The main reason for attacking Planned Parenthood — and simultaneously, the entire federal government, is because Planned […]