Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey. While riding the bus to the store recently, I overhead a man talking politics to two other men. The first man remarked that he didn’t like Hillary Clinton because she was always mad. “She’s full of rage!” he exclaimed, waving his arms. I butted in, of course, and said, 1) […]

Last night on Pornhub (which is how I’m starting every conversation from now on), I was trying to find videos that showed women of average size enjoying sex — and by sex, I do not mean the horrid gang-bang. To find women of average size, you have to look for them. And look hard. The […]

The last two minutes of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” finale sent the internet into a frenzy as Jon Snow succumbed to an “Et tu, Brute`” ending. And yet, no one is talking about the beatings of the women in the finale, Cersei’s solo walk of shame, or the systematic abuse and rape of women throughout […]

The other day I wrote a piece on Madonna and her new beau, Jonas Kaufmann, that was in response to another site’s drivel about the relationship in which the writer specifically mocked Madonna’s age and dating habits. Apparently, I was not the only annoyed with how the media treats women, as this twitter convo from […]

I despise St. Patrick’s Day.  I love the connection to Irish culture, but celebrating Irish culture was NOT what “St. Patrick” was all about.  In fact, his mission was to do just the opposite. To dispel the “St.Patrick” myth bullshit, here are some FACTS: 1) Padraic was Roman NOT Irish/Gaelic. 2) No archaeological evidence of […]