Trish has collected her extensive knowledge of male anatomy, experience responding to relationship & sex questions, & anecdotal input from hundreds of intact men to create a new masterclass on “Foreskin Sex: What Intact Men Want”….

With the Phimosis/Tight Foreskin Study, I hope to help intact men who have perhaps tried other methods to relieve or reverse a tight foreskin or even phimosis….

Hey, Trish! I’m an American intact man. If you are with a woman for the first time, should you tell her you’re not circumcised….

If the general public has any inkling what foreskin is, then smegma is likely the only word related to foreskin that most women and circumcised men have ever heard – and not in a good way….

One of the most common questions I receive from intact men concerns the fear that they have phimosis. Interestingly….