President Obama is finally getting around to items on his (and our) progressive liberal bucket-list in this, his final year as President of the United States. This week, Obama released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2017, and in it, he got to tick the sex-education box on his honey-do list. If Obama’s budget is […]

Great Britain has good news and bad news for teenage girls who might desperately need the morning-after pill. GOOD NEWS: Girls under 16 can get the morning-after pill in the UK. BAD NEWS: The girl will first be interrogated by the pharmacist before being able to purchase it. The pharmacist gets to choose whether or […]

© 2013 by Trish Causey. All Rights Reserved. 05-01-2013 The wonderful victory for all females in the United States to have access to emergency contraception without a prescription has been foiled by the evil charlatans at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Justice Department. The Center for Reproductive Rights’ (CRR) had filed […]

Dear Trish, I’ve been married for almost 15 years.  Before I got married, I used to have orgasms without a problem during intercourse, and I was very active and sexual woman.  Now, AFTER 15 years, we have sex like every three or four months and worse, without orgasms… well, once a year if I’m really […]

I came across a great site about yoni and all things Tantric for women and emotionally secure men.  The blog is by a Tantrika/Dakini who is the “real deal,” not one of the so-called “urban tantra” bullshit artists.  However, the following comment one man left on her blog shows just how little is still known […]