Saturn is direct. The lessons from the Old Guard should have been learned so we can see where the old systems no longer work or no longer benefit us — if they ever did. 10 is the number of the uplevel — the completion of one journey & the segue into the next. 2 is […]

Lion’s Gate has been an amazing journey this year with the seemingly endless stream of downloads & activations. But it’s not over yet!….

If ever there were a moment for setting clear intentions for manifesting the big things you want in life & being open to receiving all of your wildest dreams, this is it….

We will continue to revisit in a cyclical nature everything that is blocking or hindering our evolution as a soul in the physical….

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is now Retrograde & will remain so until Winter Solstice. Get ready for old shit to resurface like never before….