This conversation on 11-15-2021 perfectly sums up what is going on with men & those who carry a predominant masculine energy at this time….

As I mentioned previously in my group, “Trish’s Tribe”, the Divine Feminine Collective is getting major activations this week…. Here’s the info….

Saturn is direct. The lessons from the Old Guard should have been learned so we can see where the old systems no longer work or no longer benefit us — if they ever did. 10 is the number of the uplevel — the completion of one journey & the segue into the next. 2 is […]

Lion’s Gate has been an amazing journey this year with the seemingly endless stream of downloads & activations. But it’s not over yet!….

If ever there were a moment for setting clear intentions for manifesting the big things you want in life & being open to receiving all of your wildest dreams, this is it….