I was 19 when my true love came to me in a dream. It was 1991. And I haven’t been the same since. …. I was in observer mode, just watching, impartial. I was not Trish-Me. Observer Me was deep in the woods, somewhere I’d never been in this lifetime, but I instinctively knew this […]

It’s been quite a while since I posted blogs on a regular basis. So much has happened in the past few years, I wasn’t sure what I should share openly – which is kinda laughable if you’ve read my DailyOJ posts. But what I’ve been through in the past year-and-a-half, in particular, has been one […]

© 2017 Trish Causey. It’s been a while since the last collage of beauteous intactitude, so I thought we should ogle uncut men once again. While I’ve been busy working on the INTACT book sample, submissions for the newest blog collage came in from intact men aged 18+ (or 21 if that is the age […]

I always hated my breasts.

For most of my life that was all I was good for. Having breasts. And thick hair. Breasts and hair.  That was me in a nutshell. ….

This conversation on 11-15-2021 perfectly sums up what is going on with men & those who carry a predominant masculine energy at this time….

As I mentioned previously in my group, “Trish’s Tribe”, the Divine Feminine Collective is getting major activations this week…. Here’s the info….

Saturn is direct. The lessons from the Old Guard should have been learned so we can see where the old systems no longer work or no longer benefit us — if they ever did. 10 is the number of the uplevel — the completion of one journey & the segue into the next. 2 is […]

Learn about the Sacral Cakra & how it affects the many areas of your life, relationships, health, creativity, & work…..

Navrātri means “nine nights” & is a 9-night festival celebrated all over India to honor the goddess aspects of Durgā & the triumph of good over evil. These are timely topics as we see the Divine Feminine becoming more prominent in the awakening consciousness of society on the journey from a fear-based 3D to a […]