I am Trish Causey — ArtistAlchemist, SacredSex Shaman, Tantrika, Talk Show Host, Intuitive, Gnostic, Mystic, Witch, Healer, Twin Flame, Abundance Master Coach, & all-around bohemian polymath.

If you would like to know more about me, I am an open book — with nothing to hide & no one to impress.

I do not exist for anyone’s approval.

My Musical Theatre background includes work as a professional singer, award-winning composer, freelance writer, production stage manager, & Broadway journalist.

In my personal life, I began documenting my sexual awakening in 2011, blogging as “ArousedWoman”. I went on to write about sexuality health & function, as well as coach readers on their relationships.

I became known as an outspoken advocate for women’s orgasm & female ejaculation as well as for men’s sexual health, earning the name “The Penis Guru” from male clients.

As a self-described “SacredSex Shaman”, I help my clients awaken their bodies’ potential for cosmic-level orgasms as each allows their body to reveal its inherent mind-blowing capacity for bliss. I guide my soul-tribe clients as they transcend their fears & uncertainties, bust through their own B.S., & anchor love, healing, sovereignty, & consciousness within themselves.

My soul mission work as a SacredSex Shaman involves helping people anchor love, passion, healing, & consciousness into their lives & relationships. I do this is as a private coach, a mastermind group facilitator, the host/producer of the talk show “SacredSex with Trish”, plus “The Trish Causey Show”, & as the author of the upcoming book, “INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be”.

As a public speaker, I frequently appear at events, chat as a guest on talk shows, & educate at workshops. I do Live Q&A’s on my YouTube, so be sure to subscribe there. Also, please follow me here on my blog & on my social media to see where I am speaking next.

Thank you, my tribe!



My program, “AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound OrgasmMeditation” helps clients awaken to cosmic-level orgasmic bliss.

AWESOM – BASIC is a self-paced course of video modules & support materials to help you skyrocket your orgasmic experiences to infinite heights & deeply profound experiences you’ll never have with porn or vibrators. Yes, I said it!

My modality “TANTRIK FIRE MAGIK: Love, Sex, & Money Alchemy” helps clients connect these dots within the quantum energetic field of awakening, mastery, & abundance on all levels. Tantrik Fire Magik is available as a 3-month 1:1 coaching package or group mastermind.

I teach my clients to navigate the path of least resistance to manifest the life, relationships, & money of their dreams while working through the trials & traumas of this lifetime & past lives.

I don’t hold their hand, but I do hold space for them in my sacred circle, a vortex of transformation within my cauldron of rebirth.

I assist my soulmate clients with pivotal breakthroughs, utilizing all of my talents as a Tantrika, intuitive, spiritual wealth consultant, business alignment coach, master tarot reader, numerologist, transformational guide, & relationship-sexpert.

More of MY WORK….

I bring in-depth information & mystery school sex ritual knowledge to my “SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course”.

Called by one participant as the best information on the foreskin he has ever seen in print or media, this 2-part video series should answer a LOT of your questions about what to do with a man’s foreskin!

If you’re looking to help yourself in the most fundamental & most beautiful way, sign up for one of my courses that will transform your love life.

Additionally, you can check out my original music, my writing, as well as my blog. And be sure to find me on social media — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter.