21 Days/AWESOM

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21 Days …. or 4 years…. Which would you choose?

If you could fast-track your pleasure quotient from “bleh” to “bliss-on-steriods(!)”, would you do that?

In 2011, I didn’t have that option.

I had to go through this awakening, uncovering, discovering, holy-shit-what-was-that process at a painstakingly-slow snail’s pace — bit by bit, figuring all this stuff out on my own. I only WISHED someone had written a manual that outlined my sexual awakening back in 2011.

By 2015, I had:

  • Created a systematic approach,
  • Dealt with an unexpected Kundalini awakening (& ALL the inner drama release & upheaval that brought),
  • Healed my body image issues,
  • Understood my eating disorder, AND
  • Healed my sexual trauma (NEVER saw THAT happening!).

In 2015, I created & released “AWESOM: Awakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation” — the collection of my knowledge, experiences, wisdom, & hindsight tidbits of my journey from arduous orgasms I didn’t actually enjoy to having cosmic-level spontaneous orgasms whenever I wanted!

* Woo-hoo! Yay, me! *

But even though participants LOVED my AWESOM approach —

  • how simple it was,
  • how easy it was, AND
  • how WELL IT WORKED….

Some people just weren’t ready to move forward. They were stuck by ingrained habits, old wounds, & negative mind-talk that didn’t allow them to fully experience all that AWESOM could awaken for them.

Even with incredible testimonials, clients still didn’t think AWESOM’s simplicity could be truly life-changing. (Boy, were they WRONG!)

In 2020, I realized some people need a primer before jumping genitals-first into fully awakening their inner bliss machine. Some people need a prep-course for their AWESOM transformation.

* Aha! Eureka! * That’s when it dawned on me to create “21 Days to Better Bliss – a Quickie Course for Long-term Pleasure”.

* WOW! I loved it! * And I knew my clients would, too.

So, to answer the question above….

If I’d had access to a program such as my “21 Days to Better Bliss” way back in 2011, I definitely would have taken it!

Heck, if I’d had it back in 2009, when I first started my Tantrik journey, I might not have waited until 2011 to get really serious about rocket-blasting my orgasmic adventures.

Fast-forward to RIGHT NOW.

Now, I am offering my “21 Days to Better Bliss” course to you!

With “21 Days to Better Bliss”, you will:

  • Get access to my private website,
  • Meet for 4 Live Group Lessons with Q&A,
  • Expound upon daily writing prompts,
  • Explore even more via homework,
  • Delve into the areas of your love-life that need help,
  • Have access to Q&A outside of the live chats via the private website,
  • Get very clear on what’s holding you back (in love & maybe also in life?!),
  • Understand why certain habits (& certain kinds of lovers) keep popping up,
  • Discover ways to release old, karmic baggage & heal your wounds & traumas.

With “21 Days to Better Bliss”, you can expect to:

  • Unravel your conscious & non-conscious intimacy habits,
  • Uncover various “crutches” that actually BLOCK your full bliss,
  • Unseal the gateway to fulfilling relationships,
  • Unlock your dormant ORGASM CODES that have been scared into hiding by vibrators & porn,
  • Uncork the sparkling pleasure just waiting to bubble over & have you craving more O’s!

*** BUT! ***

“21 Days to Better Bliss” is NOT about how to act sexy for a man — or a partner — or learn to lap-dance — or snag that cute thang you wanna get with…. NO…. (Well, not entirely.)

“21 Days to Better Bliss” is a power-packed inner immersion that will help you transform your sex life & heal your most intimate relationship — with yourself! (Getting laid is completely optional.)

Go ahead & sign up for my “21 Days to Better Bliss” for just $297 USD.

We will meet on 3 Wednesdays, beginning August 19, 2020, @ 7 p.m. CDT. If you can’t make it to the Live Q&A, no worries! The replay will be on the private website.

I literally only have 3 spots left. Click the payment button of $297 USD below!

— OR —

Come into my amazing AWESOM program at the incredibly special price of $1,444 USD, & you can get in on the “21 Days to Better Bliss” for FREE!

My “AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation” is a gentle, systematic approach to activating your body’s full orgasmic potential.

You will be ASTOUNDED at your body’s innate wisdom & knack for mind-boggling, cosmic-level bliss!

Ditch the vibrators! — which damage nerve endings (sometimes permanently!)

Forget porn! — which numbs the reward center of the brain, making you need more porn & need more “drastic” porn to get the same “high”.

You won’t need any of that once you allow YOUR BODY to teach YOU how exquisite orgasmic pleasure has been designed within its wondrous anatomical bits & bobs.

AWESOM highlights:

  • 22 non-explicit video modules
  • 16-weeks (or as long as you need!)
  • 4 one-on-one sessions with me (Trish)
  • self-paced to go with your schedule
  • private website for you to leave comments & ask questions
  • a meditation track I composed specifically for AWESOM practice

See the full details on AWESOM, then come back here to get the special combo price.

To sign up for BOTH “21 Days” & “AWESOM”, you only pay $1,444 USD, payable via PayPal below.

I am so looking forward to seeing you in class, in session, & on my private website!

Take care, beautiful!


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