When Plans Go Awry…. You Know the Universe Is at Work

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Two weeks ago Friday was my birthday. I woke up with a stitch in my throat & hoped it would go away.

The previous day, I had been part of a powerful group energetic release of old wounds, old codes, & old corruptions of my energy system.

The previous 2 weeks, I had been planning my song list for an upcoming composer competition. I had been singing every day & really loved my song choices that I would submit.

I had made a schedule of what I would record & when, giving myself plenty of time to record & mix the songs (several I have never recorded before!) as well as the paperwork that was necessary: updated CV, Artist Statement, Lyrics’ sheets, etc., for the deadline of 10-10.

1010 is an auspicious number! What good fortune! I had it all planned out…..

Then… I woke up on my birthday, 9-29. Slight pain in the larynx area of my neck.

That night, I could barely eat because my throat felt like it was swállōwing rāzors.

F&CK!!! Not laryngitis!!

Yes, laryngitis. 😫

The next day, full-on sinusitis. Stuffy nose. Green snot. The works. 💚👃💚

The next day. It’s in my lungs. 🫁

Not my lungs!! I need those!!

Rattling, phlegm-filled lungs. 😫

Down for the count. 🚫

I’m coughing so hard, it feels like I broke a rib. Every cough is like being stäbɓed. Repeatedly.


I resign myself to the fact that there’s no way I can record my songs for the competition. I will have to forget about that this year. 😭

I languish, unable to swallow without pain, cough without abject stäɓɓing pain. I sleep sitting up — coughing & choking on snot & phlegm all night.

No rest. Miserable.

And no, NOT C0v!d. That test was negative.

This was old junk being released from the depths of my cells & my energy system. Old crap. Past lives. This lifetime.

Funny thing is that I almost missed the group meditation release the day before my birthday. But I finagled my daughter’s errands so I was home just as it was starting.

Maybe I was supposed to miss it???

If I had missed it, maybe I wouldn’t have had all this release crud when I needed to record?

Nahhhhh…. I was gonna listen to the replay that night anyway. This powerful release was destined.

And I was destined to miss the competition this year..

Or, so I thought….

As I convalesced in my mucusy malaise, I received an email saying the competition deadline was extended to today, 10-13. Friday the 13th. The Day of Venus. The Day of the Divine Feminine! Huzzah!

But I can’t sing! I can’t record! 😫😭

Wellllll…. What songs do I have recorded that fit the brief of the competition that might be lurking in the forgotten depths of my DropBox or Google Drive???

6 songs found! Huzzah!

1 from a new work-in-progress SIDES

I spent yesterday & today working on some remixing & writing up lyrics’ sheets. And I got that sucker submitted with 1 MINUTE to spare.

I have no idea what they will think of my submissions, but I love the songs, & I am so glad I did SOMETHING rather than allow myself to feel like a failure for getting sick.

I needed this release, AND I needed to enter this competition. Whatever happens, I’m glad I submitted my songs.

All-around, this is a WIN-WIN in my book. 🤩

~ trish


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