Dream: Leave the Old Behind & Masculine Collective Is Trying to Free Themselves

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Last night I had a dream about Divine Unions & the Divine Masculine.

I was in a department store with friends, & I was wearing a cute dress & new boots; but I was looking for the tennis shoes & socks that I came in with. I came across several things that I thought were mine. From afar, they looked like mine, but when I went to retrieve them, I realized they were not what I had thought they were. Such as, I thought I saw a bracelet of mine enclosed around the handle of a shopping cart, but when I went up to it to get my bracelet, it wasn’t my bracelet. This happened several times with different items that I thought were mine but I realized they are not mine — or they’re not for me.

At one point, I entered a room and I saw men laying on the floor with their arms tied behind them. Each of them was struggling to undo the bands around their wrists. As they were trying to heave themselves up off the floor. There were men of all shades & backgrounds. Each of them was trying to undo the bindings that were holding them down. Interestingly enough, most of them were moving in unison.

Suddenly, I am standing with my Divine Masculine , although he didn’t look like my Divine Masculine in the physical. But in the dream, I knew he was my counterpart. Our arms wrapped around each other, we wanted to go ahead & leave, but I was still wanting to find my tennis shoes & socks, even though I really liked my new boots. He smiled & assured me that everything would be okay; that it was okay to leave my shoes & socks behind, but we needed to go.

Suddenly, I’m in another room in this department store with wood floors & wood-covered walls. I see wooden desks with metal arms, but there’s no one sitting in these desks. There are numbers inscribed on the metal arms of these desks. And I remember looking for the number that I associate with my own Divine Masculine, even though I’m holding his hand as we leave the department store.

Next thing I know, he & I are outside on the sidewalk. It’s night time, but street lamps glow with warm light. I see our friends in a van across the street. The light is on inside the van, & I see that our friends have paired up into couples, male & female. Each couple is looking at each other, smiling, & hugging each other. And I look up at my Divine Masculine, & I just feel love. I’m ready to go.

My interpretation:

It is time to leave the old behind. Don’t be distracted by what was, or what you used to know/have/do. New ways are here. What was yours/what worked in the past no longer applies. New ways to move forward are here. Stop looking behind you. We have what we need to walk forward. And we ARE moving forward as a collective.

The Divine Masculine Collective truly is working very hard to release themselves from the bindings that have held them prisoner within patriarchal structures. And they are doing it together. The Masculines who are not quite in sync with the collective are almost there. They will find their groove & join the Masculine Collective to free humanity from the patriarchal misery we’ve lived under for 12,000 years.

Divine Unions are definitely happening. They’re happening within first. The balance between the Masculine & The Feminine is here. But, of course, you have to be open to that balance, & leave the 3D bûllshït of the “battle of the séxes” behind.

This is actually a really wonderful dream, in my opinion.

~ trish


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