Lá Bealtaine Fires Light Up the Night Once Again

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🔥🌺 Do you celebrate Lá Bealtaine on the New Moon or on the Full Moon? 🌕

The tradition I’m familiar with celebrates on the 2nd New Moon after Spring Equinox.

And another celebrates Lá Bealtaine the entire 2 weeks from the 2nd New Moon after Equinox through the next Full Moon.

I appreciate the tradition of Lá Bealtaine being on the New Moon — for my ancestors, the fires brought light to the darkness. 🔥🐄🔥

(And bonfires are awesome!)

But I’m all for a 2-week party that involves dancing naked around bonfires, making love in the woods, & leading ancient fertility rituals I learned in Lemuria.

Until next year!

~ trish

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