OpEd: Men Just Want to Be Loved

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I’m sitting here, crying for men. I love men so much. And I see the pain & the burdens you have carried under the horrendous programming of patriarchy.

I know I’m a core Feminine energy in a female body. I’m supposed to be all about Sisterhood & girl-power. And I am.

But when I look at a man, I see his adult self as an overlay. What I really see when I look at a man is him as a boy. A boy that only wanted to be loved, to be accepted & valued, his efforts appreciated, his perspective validated, to know he is loveable.

This activates the maternal instinct within me to care for men — not as the creepy 3D would assume in a sexual way, but to let all men know they are loved, they are loveable, & they have a great capacity to be loving & to simply BE Love — if they can shed the detrimental conditioning that taught them not to cry, not to feel, not to express, not to intuit, not to receive, not to honour their own Feminine within themselves.

I think that is my mission work with men — to lead men back to their INNER Feminine — back to their heart — so they can express outwardly, feel outwardly, love outwardly; & in so doing, be a better partner, a better father, a better HU-man. And in this way, I AM helping women & girls.

My work with men is sacred to me.

Maybe this is why women see me as “too masculine” & don’t resonate with me……

~ trish
The SacredSex Shaman



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