Ascension: Channeled Message from Archangel Galadriel About Incoming Energy Wave February 18 to 20, 2023

Channeled via my friend Renée, AA Galadriel sent a message to us via the Light Messengers — who are a little different than the Messengers of Light (MOL) that often come through. Please take what resonates & leave the rest. The following is an excerpted transcript of the transmission that came through on February 12. 2023. The full transcript of this & all of our channelings will be published one day in book form.


February 12, 2023

TRISH: What is the message, please?

LM: The message is one of Light. We are Light Messengers. We are the Rays of Intention, blanketing this Earth at this time. There will be an intense solar invocation within the next 6 to 8 days [Feb. 18 to 20], into weeks, sporadically. It will affect the nervous system of many. It will be felt in pockets of warm air amidst humans, who may experience it in various & sundry ways. We are alerting you so that you understand what is occurring as it excites portions of the neural pathways that deal with memory. What you will have is moments of intense emotional outlet. It is the processing of these rays, this inner radiating, exciting your inner frequencies that … we are searching for a word…

TRISH: Thank you.

LM: Entangled. That are entangled in human experience. As you are not fully physical energies. Parts of the physical experience will react in various & sundry ways, as we said. And so, as this continues, we recommend grounding. Your connection with lifeforms in & on the planet, such as trees & earth, soil, sod, & low-to-ground creatures that are well-established & grounded will aid in the dissemination of this excess of solar ray. That is the message.

TRISH: Are there any suggestions to go along with that, or is there anything else the archangel would like to transmit?

LM: She does not say there is extra.

TRISH: I would like to ask one thing.

LM: Accepted.

TRISH: If she does not speak to humanity often, why did she choose to talk to us?

LM: It is the intention for a message to be relayed to others. And in this instance, there are many in this world at this time receiving this message.

TRISH: Thank you so much. I will get this out tomorrow.

LM: Accepted.

TRISH: Does she have information that she would like to share about the energies that we just had this past week? [In a previous session] The Messengers of Light even said that there would be a big shift on the 10th [& there was]. And then I started seeing a lot of other people talking about it as well. Could [AA Galadriel] shed light on what has just happened & how it relates to what will happen?

LM: Balance…. It is the beginning of balance. If you were to receive the radiation— which is not what you think of radiation – radiating rays, with no precursor, or preamble, it would be too much of a shock to the system. And so it was decided to come in in 3 installations, you could say. [February 10th] was the first. This [February 18 to 20th] will be the second. There will be a third.

TRISH: Can you tell us when?

LM: Eight weeks.

TRISH: Eight weeks. That would put us on 4-12-ish. So April 9th or so. Is that somewhere around the Christians’ Easter? [Easter is April 9, 2023.]

LM: It is.

TRISH: Anything else to share?

LM: Naught…. We have said what we have said, & that is good. We will now leave.

TRISH: Thank you so much. We are so grateful.


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